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  • 5 Popular Web Application Frameworks for Building Your Website in 2018!
    • 2018 is the year of mobile applications and the right time to obtain mobile application development services. Well, there is no denying to that. But if you thought that with the advent of mobile…
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  • Music Critic Finds New Way to Use The Word “Angular” In Review
    • Music critic Matthew Garcia-Adams successfully used the word “angular” once again while reviewing the debut album from the band Matrimony Castle.
    • angular sound, angular sound reminiscent, angular record, Matrimony Castle, Prominent music critic
  • Build progressive web apps with Angular
    • Progressive web apps (PWA) are becoming an industry standard for building web applications. With reliability, speed and immersive user experience in mind, PWAs…
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  • Humble Book Bundle: Functional Programming by O’Reilly
    • Pay what you want for awesome ebooks and support charity!
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  • How to hook ReactJs to your existing AngularJS 1.X app
    • ReactJs and Angular 2.0 are really trending now in the UI world. But what about apps which where created by Angular 1.x. Is there any way to hook react or Angular 2.0 into an existing Angular 1.x…
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  • Frontend Developer Love
    • Frontend Developer Love Conference
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  • PORTLAND, Maine Prominent music critic HarryGarcia-Adams successfully used the word angular in a new and exciting way in hisreview of Matrimony Castles new self-titled album, according to hisdirect supervisors.
  • This marked the 17th straight article where Garcia-Abrams managed to shoehorn the word angular into a review for the popular indie music website SoundFury, chronicling new releases from bands largely enjoyed by graduates of liberal arts colleges.
  • Garcia-Adams kept his Joe DiMaggio-esque streak of using the word angular alive in reviews of other Brooklyn-based bands such as Scars, We Were Guaranteed Juice Boxes!
  • My colleague [Shandra Jenkins] said the new Chimneys album had an angular sound reminiscent of the hard edges of an IKEA table, Garcia-Abrams said.
  • Capping off hispinnacle week, the 26-year-old critic even managed to use the word angular six times in a review of an exercise ball he purchased over Amazon.

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  • Progressive web apps (PWA) are becoming an industry standard for building web applications.
  • In this session we will take an existing web app and convert it into a PWA.
  • First, we’ll make our application installable to homescreen by adding a Web App Manifest json file.
  • Next, we’ll focus on making our app reliable by enabling service workers inside our application and caching resources.
  • Throughout this session we’ll also learn how to use Lighthouse to test the performance of our PWA.

Tags: service worker, service workers, progressive web, progressive web app, progressive web apps

  • We’ve teamed up with OReilly for another bundle full of top-quality books!
  • Plus, your purchase will support Code for America!
  • All together, these ebooks would cost over $515.
  • Here at Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle!
  • This bundle has a minimum $1 purchase.

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  • $watch so that each time the value of scope.todos changes, it is caught in the directive and renders our react app.Therefore even when you add a new item in Angular To-do, since the scope.todos changes, you can see React To-do gets the new value.
  • All you had to do was:-Create a custom directive to wrap your React app.Pass the data from parent to the custom directive via isolated scope.Catch the updated values in link() using scope.
  • Pass the values as props to the react app.React to AngularJsMarking an item complete in React to-do marks the item as complete in AngularTo-doThe scenario where we pass value from React to Angular in this example is when we mark an item as complete or incomplete in the React to-do…
  • So any change that our React app should do should come from its props.This helps in keeping the data flow unidirectional inReact.To overcome this and pass the value to the Angular To-do,We also pass a function as an isolated scope to the custom directive.This function will be send as a…
  • (Passing functions between directive using isolate scope)And finally once the function in the parent Angular controller runs and updates the scope.todos, the update value is passed back as prop to the React app.So in our (which has the parent the main Angularapp

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      Angular 5 (formerly Angular 2) - The Complete Guide (139,105 students enrolled)

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      Learn and Understand AngularJS (66,998 students enrolled)

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      • Learn fundamental Javascript concepts that power AngularJS.
      • Write quicker, better AngularJS code by discovering how AngularJS itself is built.
      • Become fluent in AngularJS terminology, such as dependency injection, services, directives, transclusion, and more.
      • Realize the power of dependency injection, and how AngularJS accomplishes it.
      • Design custom directives and save time and energy with easily reusable components.
      • Understand what a Single Page Application (SPA) is, and how they work.
      • Build a Single Page Application (SPA) in AngularJS.
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      Angular 5 NgRx Store Masterclass & FREE E-Book (3,038 students enrolled)

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      • Build a Chat Application From top to bottom!
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      • Understand Single Store Architecture solutions like Redux or Ngrx Store
      • Know all the usual notions of Store solutions, like Actions and Reducers
      • Know how to model the application state of a single store architecture, leveraging Typescript custom types to do so
      • Know the difference between a model and a view model and what to put inside the store
      • know how to derive a view model from a model and how to do that
      • understand the notion of selector in the context of store solutions
      • know the difference between smart components and presentation components
      • know how to build smart components using the Ngrx Store library
      • know how to use the Ngrx Effects library
      • know not only the Ngrx libraries but know also how they all fit together and what are the benefits of a store solution
      • know how to setup the Ngrx store developers tools
      • know how to debug RxJs applications in general

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      Angular Front To Back (6,984 students enrolled)

      By Brad Traversy
      • Build amazing single page applications using Angular 5+
      • Master Angular concepts
      • Understand the file and folder structure of an Angular application
      • Build a client management application with authentication and Firebase's Firestore
      • Integrate Bootstrap 4 into Angular projects

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      Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers (44,316 students enrolled)

      By Mosh Hamedani
      • Master the essential Angular concepts
      • Troubleshoot common runtime errors
      • Write cleaner, more maintainable code

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      Angular (Angular 2+) & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide (26,806 students enrolled)

      By Maximilian Schwarzmüller
      • Build real Angular + NodeJS applications
      • Understand how Angular works and how it interacts with Backends
      • Connect any Angular Frontend with a NodeJS Backend
      • Use MongoDB with Mongoose to interact with Data on the Backend
      • Use ExpressJS as a NodeJS Framework
      • Provide a great user experience by using Optimistic Updating on the Frontend
      • Improve any Angular (+ NodeJS) application by adding Error Handling

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