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Author: Victor Savkin

  • These are your components, services, utilities used in many different apps.Third-party libs and tools.To be effective, developers should be able to:Create app-specific libsExtract reusable libsVerify that a code change to a reusable lib does not break any apps and libs that depend on itRefactor multiple apps and libs togetherDetermine who…
  • When it is easy to scaffold and configure a reusable library within minutes (instead of days)… only then will developers invest in building and maintaining reusable libraries.If multiple applications have dependencies on multiple libraries, regression testing can become very difficult when a library changes.
  • If it is impossible to automatically verify that a change to a reusable library does not break any apps depending on it, developers will be afraid to make changes and will write defensive, brittle code.If developers cannot refactor across different apps and libs, they won’t evolve the APIs.When developers cannot…
  • It uses the monorepo approach, where many applications and libraries are stored in the same source code repository (read more about it here)With Nrwl/Nx developers can:Create app-specific libs in minutesExtract reusable libs in minutesVerify that a code change to a reusable lib does not break any apps and libs depending…
  • Even by extracting only 30 lines of code into a reusable library, you can make your teams much more productive and save many weeks of work.For instance, every single application the team at Nrwl looks at has a lot of race conditions.

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Author: Doodlekit Free

  • The new version of Angular makes the mobile app development simplified.
  • The new version provides you mobile-specific features required by any app development team like low memory, low memory, performance tuning and touch support.
  • The new version of AngularJS makes the working of custom elements, HTML importing, shadow DOM and easier and the developers can leverage this benefit completely.
  • The core features of AngularJS like custom directives and controllers make your development work simple and effective.
  • All these features make the development work easy and the developers are eagerly waiting to witness what the new version will bring to them.

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  • Since each database, table, and operation gets its own unique URL, this allows you to easily grant or deny access to tables and operations, according to the URL for the addition, I have been working extensively with Hyper IDE, on which I have written several other articles.
  • One of the additions I have created to Hyper IDE is a new “template project type” for AngularJS developers, which will create all the boilerplate code for an AngularJS “TODO” app, which ties into the server-side backend, using Hyper Core, and even automatically creates a database for you.
  • Now I want to emphasize that there are no good reasons for you to start copying and pasting this code into your own projects since it was auto-generated in 0.649 seconds while creating a new “angular-todo” app using Hyper IDE.
  • Initially, it selects the first 50 items from our MySQL todo.items database and table, using an HTTP GET request towards Hyper Core.
  • And in fact, if you copy the content of the HTML page into another HTML page in the “/test/” folder in my Hyper IDE example server, you can even modify the code yourself online, in my Hyper IDE installation.

Tags: Hyper IDE, Hyper Core, database, new item, HTML page

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Author: geek97

  • Mobile web or mobile app?
  • The debate has raged for years.
  • Now, there’s an emerging solution that takes advantage of the strengths of both to create a better experience: Progressive Web Apps (PWA).
  • In this talk, you learn about: best practices for PWAs that you should be taking advantage of, the tools that exist to assist developers coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, the philosophies, and visions behind these tools, and practical tips for getting started.
  • Two years ago, developers needed to do most of the plumbing themselves to take advantage of the new APIs available in the browser, but today we have powerful and robust tools that can help developers of any background to quickly ship more engaging applications.

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Author: Max NgWizard K

  • Such services are referred to as backend in the documentation on HttpClient, for example:In an interceptor, next always represents the next interceptor in the chain, if any, or the final backend if there are no more interceptorsThe HttpClient module provided by Angular has two implementations of such that uses XmlHttpRequest…
  • An interface of a handler is defined by the abstract class HttpHandler:Since a backend service like HttpXhrBackend can handle a request by making a network request it is an example of HTTP handler.
  • Second, since a backend handler returns a stream of HTTP events, you will see different objects blinking on the screen and eventually the entire http response object will be rendered.Adding interceptorsSo we’ve managed to use the backend implementation directly, but the headers haven’t been added to the request since we…
  • Here is the diagram of the chain:When we execute the statement next.handle(modified) in our interceptor we’re passing control to the next handler in the chain:Eventually, the control will be passed to the last backend handler that will perform a request to the server.Wrapping interceptors automaticallyInstead of constructing the chain manually…
  • The last bit in the big picture of HTTP handlers middleware chain is that this function is registered as the default HttpHandler:And so the result of executing this function, which is a reference to the first handler in the chain, is injected and used by HttpClient service.

Tags: handler, backend handler, interceptor, chain, custom handler

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Author: angular

  • This document contains historic record of past Angular releases and future release schedule.
  • The purpose of this document is to assist coordination among the Angular team, Angular contributors, Angular application teams, and Angular community projects.
  • We’ll keep this doc up to date when unplanned releases or other schedule changes occur.
  • Due to serious regressions or other important reasons we reserve the right to release an unplanned patch or minor release.
  • In September 2016 we announced that Angular is fully adopting semantic versioning and that we’ll be releasing patch versions on a weekly basis (~50 per year), minor versions monthly for 3 months following a major version release, and every 6 months we’ll release a major version that will be backwards…

Tags: past Angular releases, Angular application teams, Angular community projects, Angular contributors, Angular team

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Author: View All

  • On this video collection I will be utilizing the Hacker Information API to construct out a Hacker Information Clone in AngularJS.
  • These movies are accompanied by a collection of weblog posts at
  • This video covers the next matters: – – * reviewing the collection up to now – – * reviewing what we’ll cowl in Half 5 of this collection: – – * accessing the ‘children’ property from the remark objects retrieved from the Hacker Information API – – * including an…
  • html template – – * including one other ng-repeat on the story-comments.
  • html view (the publish present web page) to show all the feedback associated to a given publish

Tags: Hacker Information API, Hacker Information Clone, Dakota Lee Martinez, nested StoryComment parts, publish present web

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Author: Ayo Paul

  • The way we can mitigate this problem is to wrap our modules and controllers in an anonymous function.
  • Think of an anonymous function as a wrapper or a container to hold our modules and controllers.
  • The source code for the app.js file should look like the followingThe code above wraps the application in anonymous function and assigned to the variable call “app”2.
  • Now open the “shoppingController.js” in the “controllers” folder and wrap the “shoppingController” in anonymous function, the source code for the file should look like the following3.
  • Type int the following URL in your browser http://localhost:8000/ and you will see the followingIn order to see the application in your browser you must first run the “npm start” in your angular-seed folder firstIn this tutorial we’ve taken some steps to future proof our application so that we are…

Tags: ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS SPA Pt, Shopping List App, Quickstart ASP.NET MVC, Refactor Code

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