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Author: Luis Aviles

  • 😄Initializing server applicationCreate a package.json file and then install the following dependencies:npm install –save express @types/express @types/socket.ioWe’ll need to install some devDependencies to allow integrate gulp and typescript so that we can define build tasks easily with these tools later:npm install –save-dev typescript gulp gulp-typescriptTypeScript Compiler ConfigurationCreate a tsconfig.json…
  • let’s see further details into our server/src directory:server/|- src/ |- model/ |- message.model.ts |- user.model.ts |- index.ts |- server.ts|- package.json|- tsconfig.json|- gulpfile.jsChat Server ImplementationThe main files in server directory are index.ts and chat-server.
  • The first one allows us to create and export our ChatServer app, while the last one contains express and socket.IO configurations:Server ClassesThe previous code will give a result of the following classes and relationships:Build and Run the ServerIn order to have JavaScript files needed by the V8 engine of Node.js, we…
  • js command to have the server running.Client CodeLet’s generate our client directory using the latest Angular CLI version:ng new typescript-chat-client –routing –prefix tcc –skip-installThen install your dependencies running npm install(I prefer to use Yarn for this step):cd typescript-chat-clientyarn installAdding Angular MaterialFind and follow the latest guide to install Angular Material inside…
  • This time inside chat directory:ng generate service chat/shared/services/socket –module chatng generate class chat/shared/model/userng generate class be ending with a structure similar to:client/|- src/ |- app/ |- chat/ |- shared/ |- model/ |- user.ts |- message.ts |- services/ |- socket.service.ts |- shared/ |-app.module.tsObservables and Web SocketsSince our Angular app comes with RxJS,…

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  • clydin released this Dec 6, 2017 · 105 commits to master since this release – – This is a minor release which is tied to Angular 5.1.
  • For more details about this release, see our blog post about Angular 5.1.
  • A big thank you to everyone who participated in this release:

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  • A preset with TSLint rules for development of Angular applications.
  • The preset contains both, tslint core rules, and codelyzer rules, which are going to perform Angular specific linting.
  • This package is based on the tslint configuration of Angular CLI and aligns with the Angular style guide.
  • Note: there are few more rules added on top of the Angular CLI configuration: – – After that configure to use the preset: – – Notice that and are configurable so you need to add them manually in the section of .

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  • Here are the sales of our ebook Become a Ninja with Angular.
  • Interested in the sales of our other books?
  • Here they are: – – Interested in the sales of our other books?
  • Here they are: – – Back to Become a Ninja with Angular book page.

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Author: Kenji Lozano

  • ÂżAngular Full Stack?Integrando Angular y MeteorLlegar a ser full-stack developer pareciera ser una tarea utĂłpica, ya que nos encontramos en un momento donde el BOOM de Javascript nos provee un montĂłn de librerĂ­as, frameworks para poder simplificar nuestro cotidiano vivir.ÂżQue implica ser Full Stack?Hoy en dĂ­a existe una tendencia a especializarse en una…
  • Se trata de un perfil muy demandado y bien remunerado, ya que empresas como Facebook, Google, entre otras buscan desarrolladores con ese perfil.Si hacemos una bĂşsqueda rĂĄpida acerca de que significa ser “Full Stack” encontraremos muchos puntos de vista, algunos validos, otros ambiguos, los que creen que deberĂ­an ser un…
  • Pero esos puntos de vista son muy dependientes al “Stack” en el que trabajes(y el objetivo de este post no es tener una discusiĂłn acerca de puntos de vista), por tal motivo podrĂ­amos decir que:Ser desarrollador Full-Stack no significa que haya dominado necesariamente todo lo necesario para trabajar con el…

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Author: jhipster

  • Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.
  • Already on GitHub?
  • Sign in to your account

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  • You can have up to 5 Builder Buckets at any given time each with a 14-day trial.
  • During this trial, you have free access to all Bucket Add-ons including Webhooks, Localization, Revision History and more.
  • At any point during of your 14-day trial you can upgrade or use the Builder Bucket Referral Program to extend your Builder Bucket free trial time.

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Author: mgechev

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