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Angular News Friday, March 2 New application state, Action handler, Google & more…

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  • Object.assign() vs Object Spread { … } In Angular Ngrx Reducers🥊
    • Ngrx is a state management library which is used to implement one way data flow with centralized state store. Components and services dispatch actions in response to events triggered by user…
    • new application state, action handler, reducer action handler, new object, state type
  • YouTube recruiter sues Google for allegedly refusing to hire white and Asian men
    • Former YouTube recruiter Arne Wilberg claims Google systematically favored “diverse” candidates.
    • Google, Wall Street Journal, unnamed Google employees, ,
  • Comparing Frameworks: Hello World! – The Web Tub –
    • The fact that Onsen UI is built on top of Web Components makes us proud to be framework agnostic. However, there are so many options out there that we can feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a…
    • Onsen UI, Onsen UI components, Onsen UI samples, playground app, Hello World app
  • Architecture in Angular projects – Cyrille Tuzi –
    • One year ago, I published Understanding Angular modules (NgModule). This post was focused on a technical point : scope, to know when to import a NgModule. You should read it first, but it didn’t…
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  • JazzCon.Tech
    • JazzCon.Tech Website JavaScript HTML CSS Conference
    • New Orleans, community spirit, previous event, intimate event, unique experience
  • Typed actions are implemented using action type enum and corresponding action classes with type property and optional typed payloadTyped stateIt is very useful to define a type of the state object which is managed by the reducer.
  • Typing return value of our reducer is in fact the main ingredient for enabling great Typescript support discussed in this article – Example of a todos.reducer.ts file with all necessary type declarations for proper type-checking and code-completion supportCreating new state using Object.assign()To make our reducer useful we have to provide…
  • Returning of a new object has additional benefit of making implementation immutable which helps with the performance of our app, especially with change detection.Lets focus on the FILTER action which updates a value of the filter property in our state.
  • After all, were using Typescript and we are interested in the benefits it has to offer – Objects with additional properties which are not specified in the type of the reducer state will unfortunately NOT produce type errorsWe can make this work by using Typescript generics and specifying a type…
  • Editor code completion supportAnother huge benefit of this approach is the great code completion support from IDEs like Webstorm ( IDEA) or VS Code – Great Typescript powered code-completion support in Intellij IDEAeditorCode-completion is one of the best productivity related benefits of using TypescriptImagine a huge code base with many…

Tags: new application state, action handler, reducer action handler, new object, state type

  • Wilberg claims that Google implemented clear and irrefutable policies meant to exclude white and Asian men in an attempt to increase the companys overall diversity.
  • Wilbergs lawsuit targets Google and 25 unnamed Google employees who allegedly enforced discriminatory hiring rules, quoting a number of emails and other documents.
  • Google allegedly purged non-diverse employee applications – – Wilberg alleges that several employees complained to Google about the companys hiring policies, but were either ignored, transferred, or demoted.
  • But two former Google employees sued the company early this year for allegedly discriminating against white men, in a far more nebulous and wide-ranging complaint.
  • Conversely, Google is also facing lawsuits alleging that it underpaid women, fired an employee for pro-diversity web posts, and created a bro culture that encouraged sexual harassment.

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  • For those who still dont have a preference, in this article we show how to make a simple Hello World app with some of the existing alternatives: Vanilla JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular 2+, React, Vue.js and Knockout.js.
  • Vanilla JavaScriptSince Onsen UI components behave like native DOM elements (Custom Elements) its really simple to deal with them with pure JavaScript or jQuery.
  • Onsen UI Hello WorldVanilla JavaScriptIn Onsen UI, the right place to initialize a page is in its init event.
  • Onsen UI Hello WorldReactMore examples with React Components for Onsen UI here.
  • Some of them are complex frameworks that need a lot of bootstrap code but become very handy when the app gets bigger and need a robust way of organizing data and views.

Tags: Onsen UI, Onsen UI components, Onsen UI samples, playground app, Hello World app

  • Types of AngularmodulesThere are 3 main types of NgModules you can do: – modules of pages;modules of global services;modules of reusable UI components.Youll at least do modules of pages (otherwise your app is just empty).
  • These modules contain 3 things: – /shared: services and interfaces,/pages: routed components,/components: pure presentation components.Shared services forpagesTo display a page, you need data first.
  • ReusabilityModules of global services are reusable through different projects if you take care to have no specific dependency in them (no UI or app specific code), and if you separate each features in different modules (do not put every service in just one big global module).
  • SummaryExample of a module of global services: – Modules of reusable componentsModules of reusable components are modules of UI components you would like to reuse in different projects.
  • SummaryExample of a module of reusable UI components: – ConclusionIf you follow those steps: – youll have a consistent architecture: in small or big apps, with or without lazy-loading,your modules of global services and your modules of reusable components are ready to be packaged as libraries, reusable in other projects,youll…

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  • Conference participants violating this Code of Conduct may be expelled from the conference without a refund, and/or banned from future JazzCon.Tech events, at the discretion of JazzCon.Tech Examples of harassment include offensive comments, verbal threats or demands, sexualized images in public spaces, intimidation, stalking, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption…
  • JazzCon.Tech participants must remember that JazzCon.Tech organizers and volunteers are not trained conflict resolution specialists, nor are they security or law enforcement.
  • JazzCon.Tech organizers and volunteers will immediately escalate issues around safety, violence, or similar situations to Cobb Galleria staff or law enforcement.
  • Incident Resolution All JazzCon.Tech participants agree to treat each other with respect, regardless of whether you are in a session room or at the Cobb Galleria facilities.
  • JazzCon.Tech participants suffering outright assault or extreme harassment should contact the Cobb Galleria staff immediately, or a JazzCon.Tech organizer if they’re nearby.

Tags: New Orleans, community spirit, previous event, intimate event, unique experience

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