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Angular News Friday, March 23 Bucket list, Bucket list application, Directive & more…

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  • MEAN Stack: Build an App with Angular 2+ and the Angular CLI —
    • With the release of Angular 2+, it’s time to revisit the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node). Manjunath M builds a bucket list app.
    • bucket list, bucket list application, mean stack, Angular, Angular – Angular
  • Exchange Data Between Directive and Controller in AngularJS
    • In this Quick Tutorial we will look at How to Exchange Data Between Directive and Controller in AngularJS and bind the scopes to each other.
    • directive, Directive Counter, scope, counter directive, controller
  • How To Get Data Using Angular Services
    • To get data from external source dynamically we need some tool, or we can say we need a helper that helps us to get data from external sources (DATABASE or SOME FILE). That helper is called SERVICE.
    • service, export service class, external source, data,
  • The components of the MEAN stack include the MongoDB database, Express.js (a web framework), Angular (a front-end framework), and the Node.js runtime environment.
  • For this project well need the following modules: – – express: Express module for the web server – mongoose: A popular library for MongoDB – bodyparser: Parses the body of the incoming requests and makes it available under req.body – cors: CORS middleware enables cross-origin access control to our web…
  • { – name: awesome-bucketlist, – version: 1.0.0, – description: A simple bucketlist app using MEAN stack, – main: app.js, – scripts: { – start: node app – }, – – //The ~ is used to match the most recent minor version (without any breaking changes) – – dependencies: { -…
  • // Well declare all our dependencies here – const express = require(‘express’); – const path = require(‘path’); – const bodyParser = require(‘body-parser’); – const cors = require(‘cors’); – const mongoose = our app variable – const app = express(); – – //Declaring Port – const port = 3000; – -…
  • const bucketlist = all HTTP requests to /bucketlist to bucketlist the final version of our app.js file.

Tags: bucket list, bucket list application, mean stack, Angular, Angular – Angular

  • The project required me to write a directive for a canvas, get the Base64 image data when a user draws on it, and make it available to the controller of the page which contains the directive.
  • This boils down to the fact that you need to access the scope of a Directive from a page Controller and access the scope of a page Controller from a Directive.
  • Now lets say we have the following controller: – – And the following template: – – The problem: we would like to bind the count variable of myCtrl to the internalCount variable of the counter directive.
  • This can easily be solved by binding a variable from the controller to the scope of the directive.
  • Your directive should now look like this: – – And your template like this: – – You will find a working fiddle here with all the code to this quick tutorial on how to exchange data between a directive and controller in AngularJS.

Tags: directive, Directive Counter, scope, counter directive, controller

  • Similarly, in the caseof ANGULAR, if we want to get data from any source, we use services.
  • If we talk about AngularJS, in this, we have five ways to create service, but in Angular 2, we just have one way or single service.
  • This SERVICE is decorated with @injectable .
  • Then use export service class to achieve it.
  • In this class I use decorator @Injectable that allows functionality of this class to be injected.

Tags: service, export service class, external source, data,

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