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Angular News Friday, March 9 Config, Config files, Spring boot & more…

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  • What if we want to change these at dynamically at build time, lets say we have Chef building our app to a variety of different environments and it needs to flip some things on and off in its config.
  • Next, we need to setup some basic config files, so create a folder called config in the root of your project and lets add a few config files: – default.json – { – features: { – zoo: true, – farm: true – } – } This is a bit verbose…
  • prod.json – { – features: { – zoo: false, – farm: true – } – }Integrating theconfigWeve got these awesome config files but how do we actually get these inside the app so that we can read them out at runtime?
  • Lets create a simple script that will read out the config and write a config file to our environments folder for us: – I put files that are custom scripts in a folder called ~/tools/build.
  • We can automate steps in our build to read out those configs and write files and then have directives read out those objects really easily for a nice feature toggling feature!

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  • The following tools, frameworks, and modules are required for this tutorial achievement: – – – Java Development Kit 8 – – – Spring Boot – – – Spring Web – – – Spring Data – – – Gradle – – – MongoDB – – – Angular 5 – – -…
  • package = contacts) – public class Contact { – @Id – String id; – String name; – String address; – String city; – String phone; – String email; – – public Contact() { – } – – public Contact(String name, String address, String city, String phone, String email) { -…
  • package class ContactController { – – @Autowired – ContactRepository contactRepository; – – value=/contacts) – public IterableContact contact() { – return contactRepository.findAll(); – } – – value=/contacts) – public Contact save(@RequestBody Contact contact) { – return contact; – } – – value=/contacts/{id}) – public Contact show(@PathVariable String id) { – return…
  • = null) –; – return contact; – } – – value=/contacts/{id}) – public String delete(@PathVariable String id) { – Contact contact = return ; – } – } – Now, re-run again Spring Boot application then test the RESTful API.
  • curl -i -X PUT -H Content-Type: application/json -d ‘{name:John Dodol}’ – curl -i -X DELETE Create an Angular 5 Application – This time for the frontend side, in the terminal and root project folder type this command.

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  • Media files contain properties that describe the contents of the file.
  • Cosmic JS provides an easy modal to manage media metadata, located within the Object Settings of the media file you’re looking to edit.
  • Hover over the Media that you want to add metadata to and click Add Metadata.
  • Add your key / values to the Media and click Save Metadata.
  • Your Media now has the metadata available via the media endpoint.

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