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Angular News Monday, February 12

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  • Teradata/covalent
    • covalent – Teradata UI Platform built on Angular Material
    • bug fixes, docs, change detection, support, virtual scroll
  • 59023g/docker-nginx-letsencrypt-upstream
    • docker-nginx-letsencrypt-upstream – infrastructure: docker-compose config for node and redis behind upstream nginx ( SSL/HTTPS ) on debian jessie
    • Docker compose config, huge Docker fan, proxy upstream node, Google Chrome, latest Safari
  • Spring Boot and AngularJS Integration Tutorial
    • This tutorial helps you to build a simple spring boot application. Also, you might like to implement a simple UI such as an administrator tool or control panel to work with the backend. This is when I start learning about Angularjs to develop a simple UI for a monitoring project at work. I’ve found Spring…
    • spring boot, Spring Boot Application, simple spring boot, Spring Boot applications, Spring based Applications
  • How Ice Skaters Turn Physics Into Astonishing Spins
    • Conservation of angular momentum is the name of the game.
    • angular momentum, angular velocity, , ,
  • Stimulus 1.0: A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have
    • We write a lot of JavaScript at Basecamp, but we don’t use it to create “JavaScript applications” in the contemporary sense. All our applications have server-side rendered HTML at their core, then…
    • Stimulus, modest JavaScript framework, contemporary JavaScript frameworks, Basecamp, HTML

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Author: Teradata

  • The main focus of this release is support both and , also making our modules really stand alone so they dont depend on the styles and configurable typography following the angular material usage.
  • Please check the Angular Material changelog for breaking changes and deprecations, since those will be breaking changes in future material releases.
  • The following inputs are: – – This release will make sure we work properly with + usage of the module + some layout structure changes to add more flexibility and better examples for each layout.
  • Please check the angular material and changelog – – We are also pleased to announce the release of the module which makes the editor (used by ) simple to use in the browser or electron.
  • Small patch release to address a loading component issue and documentation updates with change detection since creating components or changing inputs on component life hooks cycles need to explicitly call a change detection cycle by developers.

Tags: bug fixes, docs, change detection, support, virtual scroll

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  • Docker compose config for proxy upstream node servers behind SSL ( Let’s Encrypt ) Nginx on Debian Jessie.
  • Personally I am not a huge Docker fan and err on the side of bash scripts and/or Lambda, but this may be valuable to you.

Tags: Docker compose config, huge Docker fan, proxy upstream node, Google Chrome, latest Safari

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Author: Ima Miri

  • This tutorial helps you to build a simplespring boot application.
  • Ive found Spring boot and Angularjs very easy to work with, especially when there is a tight deadline for the project.
  • Spring Boot provides aneasyway to quickly and simply run a java application, through an embedded server by default it uses an embedded version of tomcat thus eliminating the need ofany Java EE containers.
  • For example, the library may be packaged as a JAR and made available to your SpringBootapplication.
  • However, WebJars utilizes Mavens dependency management model to include JavaScript libraries in a project, making it more accessible toJava developers.

Tags: spring boot, Spring Boot Application, simple spring boot, Spring Boot applications, Spring based Applications

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Author: WIRED Staff

  • But if you look at energy (and include mass in the energy), then energy is conserved.Now for angular momentum.
  • I think most people are OK with the idea of the angular velocitybut the moment of inertia thing is a bit more complicated.
  • Basically, the moment of inertia is a property of an object that depends on the distribution of the mass about the rotation axis.
  • If you have more mass further away from the axis of rotation, the moment of inertia is larger than if that was was close to the axis.Here is a super quick demoand you can try this at home.
  • The angular momentum depends on both the angular velocity and the mass distribution of the object.

Tags: angular momentum, angular velocity, , ,

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Author: DHH

  • Modern JavaScript doesnt have to mean single-page, client-side MVCapps.Stimulus 1.0: A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you alreadyhaveWe write a lot of JavaScript at Basecamp, but we dont use it to create JavaScript applications in the contemporary sense.
  • Just that as a general approach to many applications, and certainly the likes of Basecamp, its a regression in overall simplicity and productivity.And its also not to say that the proliferation of single-page JavaScript applications hasnt brought real benefits.
  • As though we had followed the herd and rewritten everything with client-side rendering or gone full-native on mobile.This desire led us to a two-punch solution: Turbolinks and Stimulus.Turbolinks up high, Stimulus downlowBefore I get to Stimulus, our new modest JavaScript framework, allow me to recap the proposition of Turbolinks.Turbolinks descends…
  • The behavior that shows and hides elements, copies content to a clipboard, adds a new todo to a list, and all the other interactions we associate with a modern web application.Prior to Stimulus, Basecamp used a smattering of different styles and patterns to apply these sprinkles.
  • If youre happy with the complexity and effort it takes to maintain an application within the maelstrom of, say, React + Redux, then Turbolinks + Stimulus will not appeal to you.If, on the other hand, you have nagging sense that what youre working on does not warrant the intense complexity…

Tags: Stimulus, modest JavaScript framework, contemporary JavaScript frameworks, Basecamp, HTML

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