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Author: Mybridge

  • 25 Amazing Angular Open Source Projects for the Past Year (v.2018)For the past year, we’ve compared nearly 2,500 Angular open source projects to pick Top 25 (1% chance).
  • This is a competitive list and it carefully picks the best open source Angular libraries, tools and apps published between January and December 2017.
  • 4,078 ⭐️): HereOpen source projects can be useful for programmers.
  • You can learn by reading the source code and build something on top of the existing projects.
  • Give a plenty of time to play around with Angular open source projects you may have missed for the past year.

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Author: Victor Savkin

  • These are your components, services, utilities used in many different apps.Third-party libs and tools.To be effective, developers should be able to:Create app-specific libsExtract reusable libsVerify that a code change to a reusable lib does not break any apps and libs that depend on itRefactor multiple apps and libs togetherDetermine who…
  • When it is easy to scaffold and configure a reusable library within minutes (instead of days)… only then will developers invest in building and maintaining reusable libraries.If multiple applications have dependencies on multiple libraries, regression testing can become very difficult when a library changes.
  • If it is impossible to automatically verify that a change to a reusable library does not break any apps depending on it, developers will be afraid to make changes and will write defensive, brittle code.If developers cannot refactor across different apps and libs, they won’t evolve the APIs.When developers cannot…
  • It uses the monorepo approach, where many applications and libraries are stored in the same source code repository (read more about it here)With Nrwl/Nx developers can:Create app-specific libs in minutesExtract reusable libs in minutesVerify that a code change to a reusable lib does not break any apps and libs depending…
  • Even by extracting only 30 lines of code into a reusable library, you can make your teams much more productive and save many weeks of work.For instance, every single application the team at Nrwl looks at has a lot of race conditions.

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Author: Rathrola Prem

  • In this application, we can add different items from the text box and remove the items from the list, as shown below.
  • Output – – – – – – – – Let’s write our code for adding a new item from the input text.
  • So now, add a new item to the export class as an empty string.
  • It’s going to have a function instance and first of all, we need to check if this.newitem is not equal to empty, then add a new item.
  • So, from HTML, we can send the index number of the item that contains a list of elements.

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  • Vue.js (rightfully) prides itself on being runnable as a simple script include, but things are a bit different when you want to use single-file components.
  • They let you define the structure, style, and behavior of a component in one file, without the usual drawbacks of mixing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • If you inspect the HTML, you should see no sign of the element: Vue.js replaced it with the component.
  • That’s because we also added a counter in a at root level, and component templates in Vue.js only accept one root element.
  • You write regular CSS with “normal” class names, and Vue.js handles scoping by assigning data-attributes to HTML elements and appending it to the compiled styles.

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      • understand the notion of selector in the context of store solutions
      • know the difference between smart components and presentation components
      • know how to build smart components using the Ngrx Store library
      • know how to use the Ngrx Effects library
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