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Angular News Monday, January 8

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  • Angular 5 Reactive Forms And Validations
    • Let’s explore what are reactive forms and ways of validating the reactive forms in Angular 5.
    • reactive forms, initial value, component, Angular form controls, form development approach
  • Angular 4 Upgrade for Spring Security OAuth
    • Let’s upgrade our AngularJS application for Spring Security OAuth2 to Angular 4.
    • export class, Angular CLI, password flow, front-end modules, export class HomeComponent
  • The most popular JavaScript links of 2017 – DailyJS – Medium
    • As the year draws to a close it’s the perfect time to reflect and look back over the past 12 months to see what projects got people talking and what JavaScript topics got folks clicking. To do this…
    • JavaScript Weekly archives, best JavaScript news, weekly email newsletter, priorities JS developers, Embrace Arrow Functions
  • Understanding @Output and EventEmitter in Angular ⋅ ElseIf
    • In Angular, a component can emit an event using @Output and EventEmitter. Both are parts of the @angular/core.Confused by the jargon? Let’s simplify it together. Consider the AppChildComponent as shown below:
    • Angular, jargon, Output, component, event
  • Learn Angular v4 – Part 3
    • Director at Rebin Infotech, C# Corner MVP for consecutive 5 years with over 7 years of experience in IT industry and exposure of working with wide variety o …
    • Learn Angular v4, chapter, Chapters Ahmedabad Chapter, Corner Kolkata Chapter, UK Public Chapter
  • Tech Junkie Blog: AngularJS SPA Part 10: Setup Express To Serve Static Files
    • Jade view engine, file static files, folder structure, app folder, previous blog

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Author: Mangesh Gaherwar

  • As we can create the form controls directly in the component, it makes it a bit easier to push the data between the data models and the UI elements.
  • Let us design the form in the component snippet.
  • In the above code, we have designed our form in the component.
  • What we have done in this code is – – – Here, we are declaring the fname to be of type FormControl() and assigning to the fname property which will be our form control name in the HTML.
  • Here, we can specify the initial value of our form controller and add some validators in it (we can see that in the next section).

Tags: reactive forms, initial value, component, Angular form controls, form development approach

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  • Then, Include Maven dependencies we need to use frontend-maven-plugin to build our Angular project using maven: – – And finally, generate new Module using Angular CLI: – – Note that we’ll have two front-end modules – one for password flow and the other for implicit flow.
  • In the following sections, we will discuss the Angular app logic for each module.
  • Let’s start with our AppService  – located at app.service.ts – which contains the logic for server interactions: – – Next, let’s take a look at our LoginComponent which is responsible for the login form: – – Next, our HomeComponent which is responsible for displaying and manipulating our Home Page: -…
  • Similarly, we will start with our service, but this time we will use library angular-oauth2-oidc instead of obtaining access token ourselves: – – Our HomeComponent to handle our simple Home Page: – – Our FooComponent is exactly the same as in the password flow module.
  • Finally, we will start our app: – – The server will start by default on port 4200, to change port of any module change the – – in package.json to make it run on port 8086 for example: – – In this quick tutorial, we saw how we can upgrade…

Tags: export class, Angular CLI, password flow, front-end modules, export class HomeComponent

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      Tags: Learn Angular v4, chapter, Chapters Ahmedabad Chapter, Corner Kolkata Chapter, UK Public Chapter

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        Tags: Jade view engine, file static files, folder structure, app folder, previous blog

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