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  • By Pine & Peng from VS Code team.
  • You have spent countless hours finding the perfect JavaScript grammar, matching it with a sleek-looking VS Code theme, trying out all the best programming fonts.
  • You take three days porting over your theme before starting to use VS Code.
  • The code has to look right.
  • Thanks to @tsayen for making dom-to-image, which Polacode is using for generating the images.

Tags: VS Code, VS Code team, sleek-looking VS Code, cursive html attributes, perfect JavaScript grammar

  • However, he manages a nice from-scratch emulation of the Z80 processor, modeling low level things like registers in very high level C#.
  • Luckily the GameBoy CPU, a Sharp LR35902, is derived from the popular and very well documented Zilog Z80 – A microprocessor that is unbelievably still in production today, over 40 years after its introduction.
  • The Z80 is an 8-bit microprocessor, meaning that each operation is natively performed on a single byte.
  • The Z80 and the Intel 8080 that it derives from have 256 I/O ports for accessing external peripherals but the GameBoy CPU has none – favouring memory mapped I/O instead – – He didn’t just create an emulator – there’s lots of those – but uniquely he runs it on…
  • NET code, Smart Step Into, more debugger improvements, C# Interactive, new project wizard, and formatting code in columns.

Tags: .NET Core, GameBoy CPU, multi-player online GameBoy, GameBoy emulator, Game Boy emulator

  • I would like to show you about how to build a SPA with Java EE 7 as the back-end (server side) and AngularJS on the front-end (client-side).
  • PROJECT_HOME – |– – |– Client – | |— Gruntfile.js – | |— assets – | |— bower.json – | |— index.html – | |— package.json – | |— src – | | |— app.js – | | |— controllers – | | |— services – | | |—…
  • Because you will made a different project, now you need to create your front-end project and everything can be started with npm init and bower init to create a file of package.json and SPA is need a server to host and make sure the Angular worked, you could use http-server…
  • For your information, the back-end is just simple Java EE Web Archive so you need to put the front-end files on webapp directory and that is why you need Grunt to automate this repetitive task.
  • Gruntfile.jsWith this your SPA is almost completed, you just need to execute grunt build in front-end directory then move into your back-end directory to execute mvn clean install to build the war file and this is can be deploy into the application server, of course everything can be more simplified…

Tags: Java EE, Apache Maven, REST Web Service, ,

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