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  • In this part of the tutorial, youll be creating the Angular web app components to add and list the contacts.
  • Youll be using Angular Material for developing the user interface of the Angular contact manager web app.
  • From the official documentation, – – Execute the following command to add Angular material to the contact manager web app.
  • Add the following HTML code the root.component.html file : – – Add the following code the root.component.css file: – – Save the above changes and start the application using the following command : – – You will have the contact manager web app using Angular 6 running at http://localhost:4200.
  • In this tutorial, you learn how to get started with creating a contact managerweb app using Angular 6.

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  • Heres a question Ive heard a few times recently: – What if we create a component library in React/Vue/Angular/whatever and a new component technology replacesit?
  • Without a component library, your team is highly likely to include duplicate JavaScript that solves the same problems in slightly different ways which will bloat the bundle and slow performance.
  • The advantage to this approach is twofold: – If you move to a new technology in the future, the plain CSS foundation that youre using behind the scenes in your JavaScript components can be reused.If your company is currently using multiple component approaches such as React, Angular, and/or Vue, then…
  • Leverage an existing JavaScript component library as your foundation to minimize the amount of code you need to write to get rolling.
  • SummaryDont let the rapid innovation in JavaScript scare you away from investing in a reusable component library for your company.

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  • # Create a new directory – mkdir scotch-scraping – – # cd into the new directory – cd scotch-scraping – – # Initiate a new package and install app dependencies – npm init -y – npm install express morgan axios cheerio lodash – Setting up the Express server application -…
  • Create a server.js file in the root directory of your application and add the following code snippet to setup the server: – – /* server.js */ – – // Require dependencies – const logger = require(‘morgan’); – const express = require(‘express’); – – // Create an Express application – const…
  • js */ – – const _ = require(‘lodash’); – const axios = require(axios); – const cheerio = require(cheerio); – As you can see we are simply requiring the dependencies we will need for our helper functions.
  • js UTILITY * Compose function arguments starting from right to left – * to an overall function and returns the overall function – */ – const compose = (…fns) = arg = { – return fn) = { – if (_.
  • ; – }, arg); – }; – – /** – * Compose async function arguments starting from right to left – * to an overall async function and returns the overall async function – */ – const composeAsync = (…fns) = arg = { – return (current, fn) = {…

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  • The product(s) you are about to install leverage the Web Platform Installer (WebPI) for installation.
  • By downloading and using the Web Platform Installer (WebPI), you agree to the license terms and privacy statement for WebPI.
  • This installer will contact Microsoft over the Internet to retrieve product information.
  • WebPI uses the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), which is turned on by default, see privacy statement for more information.
  • To view which software uses CEIP, see here.

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  • ngFor has inbuilt variables which help to detect Index, First, Last anFirst, Even items at runtime.
  • ngFor is used with any HTML element but mostly we use it in those elementswhich help to displaythe data repetitively.
  • *ngFor =let of ; let = index – – Step by step event binding in Angular using Visual Studio Code.
  • As you pressed enter key in console window, it generates the following screen and hint to see your project on browser.
  • To get first number as 1(one) change html code as following: – – We had just add +1 in srno variable to get start index number from numeric 1.

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