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Angular News Saturday, January 20

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Author: Sibeesh Venu

  • So, at the end of this article, you will have some basic understanding of Angular project structures and how it really matters when it comes to project.
  • The Import section helps us to import some existing functionalities available in the framework like we have included the component from Angular/core in the above code snippet.
  • The decoration is the place where we decorate the component, giving a selector( which is unique to each component), Style the UI, giving the template URL which points to a particular HTML file where we customize the component.
  • The file is the place where we can set the configuration for our project, like setting the module versions, compiler options etc.
  • In our next article, we will start developing some components in our Angular app.

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  • Angular Material 2 brings Material Design components to Angular 2+ apps.
  • The latest release of Angular Material depends on Angular 4+ – – Here’s how to get started with Angular Material 2: – – First install Angular Material, Angular animations, and Hammer.js in your project with these commands: – – Hammer.js is an optional dependency and helps with touch support for…
  • Prior to Angular Material 2 Beta 3, there was a global MaterialModule that could be imported in the app module to make the components available.
  • Your app module (e.g.: app.module.ts) will look a little bit like this: – – There are a few pre-built themes installed automatically with Angular Material.
  • To import them to your project, you can add this to the head section of your project’s root index.html file: – – It’s now ready for you to start using the available Angular Material components in your templates.

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Author: WIRED Staff

  • Oh, you can also rotate the vectors by using the right-click or ctrl-click and drag.But now I can calculate (and plot) the total angular momentum of this ball-spring system.
  • First, both the balls have constant z-component of angular momentum so of course the total angular momentum is also constant.
  • Let’s move this point to somewhere else such that the momentum vectors will be the same, but now the r-vectors for the two balls will be something different.
  • Here’s what I get for the z-component of angular momentum.Now you can see that the z-component for the two balls both individually change, but the total angular momentum is constant.
  • In the end, angular momentum is something that is conserved for situations that have no external torque like these spring balls.

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Author: Marko Lukša

  • MEAP updates, new products, author news, and more.
  • Anthony Williams has added a new chapter to the C++ Concurrency in Action, Second Edition MEAP.
  • Craig Grummitt has added a new chapter to the iOS Development with Swift MEAP.
  • Chapter 13 looks at making our apps more visual!
  • Chapter 7 covers configuring relational properties.

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    Author: Learning Laravel

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