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Angular News Saturday, March 10 Greatest angular conference, Railway central station, Compile-time configuration & more…

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  • All the way from ColombiaHeathrow Airport,LondonMy trip to Finland lasted 24 hours ….
  • They are tremendously good at speaking other languages (majority speak Finnish, Swedish and English, but they can go even further).
  • – 3 minutes later – I froze to death – Holy moly!
  • A lovely speaker dinnerThe organizing team prepared a dinner before the conference for speakers to feel welcome.
  • (Thanks Sherry and the team!)

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  • The default file that is responsible for bootstrapping our Angular application uses those environment files to determine whether the app is running production mode, in order to apply some runtime optimizations such as calling .
  • The reason is that at compile time, the Angular CLI will take care of renaming the environment specific configuration file into and to compile it into your app accordingly.
  • Just create a new and **make sure to configure it in your file: – – Finally, we need to tell the CLI which environment were building for, s.t. it is able to pick up the proper configuration file.
  • Normally you simply have some JSON file – say that contains the necessary configuration options which you then deploy with your app on your server.
  • My environment specific files come either from the backend API (i.e. the database or server environment variables), or they can be placed as , , along with my other code.

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  • Laurie Atkinson, Premier Developer Consultant, shows us how to customize the behavior of an Angular app based on the users permissions.
  • { Injectable } – – { AuthGroup } – – { AuthorizationDataService } – – AuthorizationService { – – permissions: Array; // Store the actions for which this user has permission – – ( authorizationDataService: AuthorizationDataService) { } – – hasPermission(authGroup: AuthGroup) { – – ( .
  • permissions.find(permission => { – – permission === authGroup; – – })) { – – ; – – } – – ; – – } // This method is called once and a list of permissions is stored in the permissions property – – initializePermissions() { – – Promise((resolve, reject) =>…
  • Include the canActivate property of the route definition together with the data property in order to pass in the required permission.
  • For instance, a menu service could use the permission checking method to hide menu items if the user does not have the required permission.

Tags: Angular app, CanActivate guard, permission checking method, required permission, Premier Developer Consultant

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