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Author: Michele Koh

  • Designed by Portland-based practice Skylab Architecture, the 4,200-square-foot Owl Creek Residence in Snowmass, Colorado, has an unusual, triangulated floor plan that responds to the height and slope constraints of the site.
  • On the ground level are a two-car garage, spa, steam room, hot tub, ski locker, laundry room, bathroom, and five bedrooms that can open up to expansive outdoor views.
  • Social areas like the living, dining, kitchen, bar, den, outdoor deck, fire pit and barbecue area are located on the second level.
  • A triangular spa with an elevated deck and an expansive outdoor terrace that’s accessible via the kitchen encourage the homeowners to get outside.
  • By carefully crafting both indoor and outdoor spaces, the architects managed to draw the scenic landscape inward while extending the outdoor living experience.

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  • As a person new to both JavaScript and Angular 2 I found this course extremely helpful because Max does a great job of explaining all the important concepts behind the code.
  • This Course uses TypeScript – – TypeScript is the main language used by the official Angular team and the language you’ll mostly see in Angular tutorials.
  • The powerful features and capabilities of Angular allow you to create complex, customizable, modern, responsive and user friendly web applications.
  • Due to the drastic differences between Angular 1 and Angular (=Angular 4) you don’t need to know anything about Angular.js to be able to benefit from this course and build your futures projects with Angular.
  • Get a very deep understanding of how to create Angular applications – – This course will teach you all the fundamentals about modules, directives, components, databinding, routing, HTTP access and much more!

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Author: Stephen Fluin

  • Assuming you have node and npm installed, you can run these four commands to get up and running with Angular and the CLI quickly.npm install —g @angular/cling new my-angular-projectcd my-angular-projectng serveMoving QuicklyThe Angular CLI has made a lot of progress over the last few months, you can view the comprehensive notes…
  • jsonconfig that wraps your main application and gives you the option to generate a server bundle.Learn more about setting up your Angular CLI project to generate server optimzed bundles on the wiki:Initial Support for early betas of v5Angular makes major releases approximately every 6 months.
  • The Angular team has been working on tools for Material and for internationalization to help automate the update process, taking care of breaking changes for you, and the CLI would be a great place to surface these tools.Library support — Today the CLI can produce UMDs optimized for the browser, and CommonJS…
  • What if the CLI could help you produce a bundle that could be consumed by other Angular applications?Build Optimizer by default — The Build Optimizer is a really promising tool that can help developers ship dramatically smaller bundles to the browser.
  • We believe it’s possible to turn these tools on by default without breaking developer expectations around common tasks like uninstall or refresh, and hope to do so in the future.Get StartedAngular developers all over the world choose the CLI as the easiest way to build Angular apps.

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  • In this Post We Will Explain About is Back to Top Button using Angularjs and CSS With Example and Demo.Welcome on – Examples, The best For Learn web development Tutorials,Demo with Example!
  • Hi Dear Friends here u can know to How to Add Go to Top OR Back to Top Using angularjs Example – – In this post we will show you Best way to implement How to create a Go to top using angularjs, hear for AngularJS – Creating a floating…
  • We have Single page app and We are currently using simple angular-scroll for menu navigation.It Angularjs Post help to add “Go to top” main navigation menu functionality in angularjs Web application.
  • We will Display show BackToTop main button when the website users scroll down page like as a about 100px,We will make back to top simple show button putt into our HTML theme.We will put remove or hide class added for hide the html BackToTop button when any page will load….
  • More Details…… – – Angularjs Example – – I hope you have Got What is How To Create a Scroll Back To Top Button using AngularJS And how it works.I would Like to have Feed Back From My Blog( readers.Your Valuable Feed Back,Any Question,or any Comments about This Article( Are…

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Author: Jeremy Elbourn

  • We’ve built the Component Dev Kit (CDK) to provide high quality predefined behaviors for your components.The Angular CDK gives developers solid, well-tested tools to add common interaction patterns with minimal effort.
  • Our ultimate goal is for all Angular component libraries to be able to take advantage of the CDK, reducing duplication of effort in solving these common problems.How did the CDK come to be?From the development of Angular Material, we saw that many components share common patterns.
  • Some of the most clear-cut examples include:Creating a floating panel connected to some origin element (menu, select, autocomplete, tooltip)Several components need to open some floating panel, such as the mat-select pictured here.Navigating through a set of options via keyboard (menu, select, autocomplete, list)Trapping of focus within a section of the page…
  • With this module included in your app, each component can inject the Directionality service to read the current direction and to subscribe to subsequent updates.overlayIn Angular Material, our most commonly used interaction pattern is the floating overlay panel.
  • If you are the author of a component library and are interested in using the CDK, reach out to moreGet started with the CDK by adding @angular/cdk to your project with npm or yarn, then take a look at the documentation for each of the CDK behaviors and components…

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Author: Brad Stulberg

  • 8 Rules to Do Everything BetterThe most important principles to grow your body and mind“Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for behavior that gets you what you want out of life,” writes investor Ray Dalio in his bestselling book, Principles.
  • Stress + Rest = GrowthWhether you want to grow your body or mind or get better at a specific skill, you need to push to the outer limits of your current ability, and then follow that hard work with appropriate recovery and reflection.
  • Other research shows that if you work on mental tasks with people who are internally driven and love what they do, you’re more likely to end up the same way.
  • If, on the other hand, you surround yourself with people who have a negative attitude and are focused solely on winning the rat race, you set yourself up for a less fulfilling experience.5.
  • In the words of Mayo Clinic researcher and human performance expert Michael Joyner: “You’ve got to be a minimalist to be a maximalist; if you want to be really good at, master, and thoroughly enjoy one thing, you’ve got to say no to many others.”

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        Top Angular Courses

        Angular 5 (formerly Angular 2) - The Complete Guide (139,105 students enrolled)

        By Maximilian Schwarzmüller
        • Develop modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Angular 4
        • Fully understand the architecture behind an Angular 4 application and how to use it
        • Use their gained, deep understanding of the Angular 4 fundamentals to quickly establish themselves as frontend developers
        • Create single-page applications with on of the most modern JavaScript frameworks out there

        Learn more.

        The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced (40,747 students enrolled)

        By Mosh Hamedani
        • Establish yourself as a skilled professional developer
        • Build real-world Angular applications on your own
        • Troubleshoot common Angular errors
        • Master the best practices
        • Write clean and elegant code like a professional developer

        Learn more.

        Learn and Understand AngularJS (66,998 students enrolled)

        By Anthony Alicea
        • Learn fundamental Javascript concepts that power AngularJS.
        • Write quicker, better AngularJS code by discovering how AngularJS itself is built.
        • Become fluent in AngularJS terminology, such as dependency injection, services, directives, transclusion, and more.
        • Realize the power of dependency injection, and how AngularJS accomplishes it.
        • Design custom directives and save time and energy with easily reusable components.
        • Understand what a Single Page Application (SPA) is, and how they work.
        • Build a Single Page Application (SPA) in AngularJS.
        • Be the coder that explains AngularJS to everyone else, because you understand it better than anyone else.
        • Get new free lectures during 2015, keep up with the development of AngularJS 2.0, and get a MASSIVE discount on a future AngularJS 2.0 course in 2016!

        Learn more.

        Angular 5 NgRx Store Masterclass & FREE E-Book (3,038 students enrolled)

        By Angular University
        • Build a Chat Application From top to bottom!
        • Understand the Flux Architecture, its benefits, strong points and most beneficial use cases
        • Understand Single Store Architecture solutions like Redux or Ngrx Store
        • Know all the usual notions of Store solutions, like Actions and Reducers
        • Know how to model the application state of a single store architecture, leveraging Typescript custom types to do so
        • Know the difference between a model and a view model and what to put inside the store
        • know how to derive a view model from a model and how to do that
        • understand the notion of selector in the context of store solutions
        • know the difference between smart components and presentation components
        • know how to build smart components using the Ngrx Store library
        • know how to use the Ngrx Effects library
        • know not only the Ngrx libraries but know also how they all fit together and what are the benefits of a store solution
        • know how to setup the Ngrx store developers tools
        • know how to debug RxJs applications in general

        Learn more.

        Angular Front To Back (6,984 students enrolled)

        By Brad Traversy
        • Build amazing single page applications using Angular 5+
        • Master Angular concepts
        • Understand the file and folder structure of an Angular application
        • Build a client management application with authentication and Firebase's Firestore
        • Integrate Bootstrap 4 into Angular projects

        Learn more.

        Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers (44,316 students enrolled)

        By Mosh Hamedani
        • Master the essential Angular concepts
        • Troubleshoot common runtime errors
        • Write cleaner, more maintainable code

        Learn more.

        Angular (Angular 2+) & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide (26,806 students enrolled)

        By Maximilian Schwarzmüller
        • Build real Angular + NodeJS applications
        • Understand how Angular works and how it interacts with Backends
        • Connect any Angular Frontend with a NodeJS Backend
        • Use MongoDB with Mongoose to interact with Data on the Backend
        • Use ExpressJS as a NodeJS Framework
        • Provide a great user experience by using Optimistic Updating on the Frontend
        • Improve any Angular (+ NodeJS) application by adding Error Handling

        Learn more.