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Angular News Thursday, April 26 Node, Node codename, Bad clients & more…

What’s new?

  • This is the next LTS (Long term support) version of Node codename Dubnium (it’s a rare radioactive element and the most stable isotope in nature, probably a nod to the stability of Node.js v10).
  • The initial release was a bit buggy, but with this version comes stability of HTTP/2 in Node.
  • Let’s see a quick example of how to HTTP/2 in Node using Hapi.js: – – const fs = require(‘fs’) – const Hapi = require(‘hapi’) – const http2 = require(‘http2’) – – const server = new listener: http2.createServer(), – host: ‘localhost’, – port: 3000 – }) – – server.route({ – method:…
  • With Node v10 comes npm v6 and npm stepped up their game.
  • Passing more than one argument emit a runtime deprecation warning – Use of non-string values forprocess.envhas been deprecated in was a quick wrap of what’s new in Node.js v10.

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  • As a freelancer, it is a major business key how to recognize bad clients before you waste your time and money.
  • With these #5 easy tips you should be able to filter out bad clients before you work a single minute.
  • They want to get started *yesterday* – It’s a really bad sign if your client doesn’t care about your current commitments to other projects.
  • If your client will not care about other projects now, you can bet that he will not care about * – your project* in the near future.
  • A client who doesnt respect you and your time will make you lose time and efforts looking for better clients.

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  • This provides the information which highlights the main cash flow issues.
  • As a freelancer, there are many ways to improve your cash flow.
  • Basic Management Tips For Improving Cash Flow: – – – Make preparing invoices one of your highest priorities.
  • Before sending the first invoice to a new customer, ask for the name of the person who authorizes the payment, and addresses the invoice to that person.
  • Mastering cash flow and ensuring that you can afford to pay your bills and feed your family is critical to being a successful freelancer.

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  • Setup – Lets initialize a new project with npm and install webpack and webpack-cli: – – mkdir webpack-demo cd webpack-demo – npm init -y – npm install –save-dev webpack webpack-cli – – Next well create the following directory structure and contents: – – webpack-demo – |- package.json – + |-…
  • js’, – output: { – filename: ‘bundle.js’, – path: path.resolve(__dirname, ‘dist’) – } – } – – This tells Webpack to compile the code in our entry point src/index.
  • package.json – – { – … – scripts: { – – test: echo \Error: no test specified\ exit 1 – + develop: webpack –mode development –watch, – + build: webpack –mode production – }, – … – } – – Using the npm run develop command, we can create our…
  • js files through the next-generation JavaScript transpiler Babel: – – npm install –save-dev babel-loader@^8.0.0-beta @babel/core const path = require(‘path’) – – module.exports = { – entry: ‘.
  • A good way to demonstrate how this works is by importing Sass from our JavaScript: – – npm install –save-dev style-loader css-loader sass-loader node-sass – – webpack.config.js – – module.exports = { – … – module: { – rules: [ – … – + { – + test: /\.

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  • If you open that up, youll find it no longer contains any ES6 syntax and looks like this: – – use strict; – – function leftPad(str, len, ch) { – var cache = [, , , , , , , , , ]; – str = str + ; -…
  • == 0) ch = ; – ch = ch + ; – if (ch === len 10) return function () { – cache[len] + str; – }; – var pad = ; – while (true) { – if (len 1) pad += ch; – len = 1; – if (len)…
  • Export – The export keyword is what allows us to make our ES6 modules available to other files, and it gives us two options for doing so named and default.
  • Defult Export – As theres only a single function to be exported in the leftPad file, it might actually be a good candidate for using export default instead: – – export default function leftPad(str, len, ch) { – … – } – – Again, you can remove the use strict;…
  • /leftpad’; – – const serNos = [6934, 23111, 23114, 1001, 211161]; – const strSNos = = leftPad(sn, 8, we did earlier, run the build script from the ROOT directory: – – npm run build – – Babel will now create an index.js file in the public/js directory.

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