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  • The darkest building on Earth: ‘An angular black hole waiting to suck you in’
    • Sprayed with Vantablack Vbx2, a pavilion at the Winter Olympics in South Korea absorbs 99% of light. We talk to its British architect Asif Khan, who also invented the ‘selfie building’
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    • In MEAP, you read a book chapter-by-chapter while it’s being written and get the final book as soon as it’s finished.
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  • Create a CD pipeline with Angular, GitLab and Firebase
    • Learn to create a continuous deployment pipeline to deploy an Angular app to Firebase using Gitlab’s integrated CI server
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  • Ivy Demo
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  • angular/angular
    • angular – One framework. Mobile & desktop.
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Author: Oliver Wainwright

  • We talk to its British architect Asif Khan, who also invented the ‘selfie-building’ – – The pistes of Pyeongchang may be blinding white with snow as the Winter Olympics kicks off in South Korea, but among the ice rinks and bobsleigh tracks stands something completely different: the darkest building on…
  • It’s a temporary pavilion for car giant Hyundai, designed by British architect Asif Khan, using a material developed in Surrey.
  • Described as the world’s largest continuous “nanostructure”, the building has been sprayed with a coating of Vantablack Vbx2, a super-black material that absorbs 99% of the light that hits its surface, creating the illusion of a void.
  • The material was developed for architectural application after the interest stirred up by the launch of the company’s original Vantablack S-VIS in 2014, which it controversially licensed exclusively to the sculptor Anish Kapoor.
  • Khan’s Pyeongchang pavilion features thousands of pinpricks of light on the end of rods, modelled on the position of stars as viewed from that point on the earth, set at different depths, creating an illusion of floating in space as you walk around the building.

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Author: Arnaud Lauret

  • MEAP updates, new products, author news, and more.
  • Anthony Williams has added a new chapter to the C++ Concurrency in Action, Second Edition MEAP.
  • Craig Grummitt has added a new chapter to the iOS Development with Swift MEAP.
  • Chapter 13 looks at making our apps more visual!
  • Chapter 7 covers configuring relational properties.

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Author: Juri Strumpflohner

  • Alternatively you can also steer which browser is being used via a dedicated script entry in your : – – I won’t go into too much details on how to setup Firebase as they have awesome docs & video tutorials: – – As said, for any of these steps you…
  • Alternatively you can check out my Egghead lessons: – – After we’ve configured our project with Firebase, let’s add the necessary npm scripts to deploy to Firebase hosting: – – The needs to be registered on your GitLab repository’s .
  • When GitLab builds our project in the pipeline, it injects the name of the environment it is currently building for, via a proper variable: .
  • Finally we also need to adjust the to take advantage of the newly configured GitLab environments in our firebase deployment scripts as well: – – Note how the step chooses the corresponding environment that gets passed in via the GitLab parameter.
  • So in this article we’ve covered the basic setup of an automated pipeline using Angular, nrwl/nx and Firebase on GitLab.

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