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Angular News Tuesday, March 6 Angular cli, New angular app, Route guards & more…

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  • This can be achieved with following node libraries: – lint-staged Run linters/formatters on git staged fileshusky Git hooks made easyInstall: – yarn add -D lint-staged huskyConfigure lint-staged: – lint-staged config within package.jsonAnd add commit hook via custom npm script, which will be recognised by husky and executed on particular git-hook….
  • Excellent, you will never ever have to argue with your PR reviewer about semicolons vs no-semicolons, spacesyou nameit.With that said, lets switch to more serious stuff – Unit TestingIf youre not testing your codebase I will find you and I will:DAngular CLI comes with Karma test runner and Jasmine expectation/spy…
  • Jest is a complete testing solution, that includes both test runner and assertion/spy library and much more – Its super easy to setup, its blazingly fast and introduces a brand new type of testingsnapshot testing ( which can be leveraged with everything that is serializablecomponent snapshots, state snapshots, image snapshots)…
  • You can see it deployed with various Angular stories examples here – Storybook CLI integration – To add Storybook to Angular CLI, we will leverage storybook CLI: – npx @storybook/cli@alpha getstorybookWhile we are enjoying our morning quick shot of espresso, everything is setup for us.Amazing!add storybook to angularCLIThen we execute…
  • You can learn more here – Storybook: write a story – Lets look very quickly how to write a story for simple button component: – Angular ComponetStoryStorybook: Component folder structure – With storybook covered, our final component folder structure should look like this: – Final folder structureimplementationunit test with snapshotsexternal…

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  • Route Guards + HTTP Calls =BadRoute guards are great tools for things like: – Preventing a user from accessing a page they dont have permissions toPreventing a user from leaving a page with unsaved changesbut guards are NOT good for preventing the page to load during an HTTP request.
  • This is what your users are going to do!
  • Instead we want to navigate to the page instantly and show a partial paint of the page with some sort of loading message or indicator.
  • By loading the page partially it gives the user the feeling of instant satisfaction while we fetch our backend resources.
  • Remember, one second in user perception might as well be thirty seconds!

Tags: Route guards, great tools, HTTP request, backend resources, loading message

  • The Frontend Services Layer – – A set of Angular services that allow to interact with the backend and that can be injected into Angular controllers: – – – – []) – .
  • then(function (response) { – if (response.status == 200) { – } – else { – deferred.reject(‘Error retrieving user info’); – } – }); – – return deferred.promise; – } – – – – – Let’s see what other libraries we need to have the frontend up and running.
  • An internationalization module – – – – How to build a REST API backend using Spring MVC – – The backend is built using the usual backend layers: – – – – Router Layer: defines which service entry points correspond to a given HTTP URL, and how parameters are to…
  • Comparing the Spring / MVC Angular stack with other common approaches – – This approach of using Javascript for the frontend and Java for the backend makes for a simplified and productive development workflow.
  • The largest productivity gain is obtained when the same developers build both the Javascript frontend and the Java backend, because often simultaneous changes on both are needed for most features.

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