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Angular News Tuesday, May 8 Injector, Injector tree, Master process & more…

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  • The main rule here is that: – When we ask some dependency in component or in directive angular uses Merge Injector to go through element injector tree and then, if dependency wont be found, switch to module injector tree to resolve dependency.
  • Tip: to get element injector just open console and write:Resolution algorithmThe code that describes Angular dependency resolution algorithm within view can be found here.
  • If we have root AppComponent with template child/child, then we have three views: – HostView_AppComponent – some contentThe resolution algorithm is based on view hierarhy: – If we ask for some token in child component it will first look at child element injector, where checks then goes up through all…
  • Each time we provide any token on an element, angular creates new allProviders and publicProviders array inherited from parent node, otherwise it just shares the same array with parent node.It means that grid-tile has already known about all providers that were registered on all parent elements within current view.
  • Basically, heres how angular collects providers for elements within template: – As we can see above, grid-tile can successfully get GridListComponent from its element injector through allProviders because grid-tile element injector contains providers from parent element.

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  • Nodes cluster module not only provides an out-of-the-box solution to utilizing the full CPU power of a machine, but it also helps with increasing the availability of your Node processes and provides an option to restart the whole application with a zero downtime.
  • Its based on the child process module fork method and it basically allows us to fork the main application process as many times as we have CPU cores.
  • Even small machines usually have multiple cores and even if youre not worried about the load on your Node server, you should enable the cluster module anyway to increase your server availability and fault-tolerance.
  • To test the cluster, run the cluster.js file: – Screenshot captured from my Pluralsight courseAdvancedNode.jsI have 8 cores on my machine so it started 8 processes.
  • The workers will not be exactly rotated in sequence because the cluster module performs some optimizations when picking the next worker, but the load will be somehow distributed among the different worker processes.

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  • When you are hunting for new clients and trying to build long-lasting relationships with their current clients thats when soft skills get into the picture.
  • Here you have a partial list of the most important soft skills that any freelancer needs to work on: – – – – Communication Skills – Both written and visual skills are essential!
  • Stress Management Skills – Even when you do your best, you still might be losing clients to freelancers who are willing to charge less for the same type of job.
  • You need to understand your role in the chain and do your best job in a way that fits with everyone elses Skills – Many people decide to try freelancing because they think they can work whenever they want.
  • Work on the above-listed soft skills and youll definitely see a difference in the way you freelance.

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  • Here are some of the benefits of adding pricing to your freelance portfolio website: – – – It creates a low-effort inbound marketing/sales funnel.
  • Even if you don’t have any clients at your published price yet, showing off confident pricing is a solid branding tactic.
  • Pricing Pages: Should You Add to Your Freelance Website?
  • The answer to the question of whether or not to use pricing pages on your freelance website is entirely personal.
  • Before making a decision regarding your pricing pages, make sure that you have an in-depth understanding of your own services and the exact type of customers you’re trying to attract.

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  • To solve these problems, it is suggested that an application is divided in the following way: – – The presentation layer is composed of smart and dumb components that define the view.
  • In this layer, we do not want our components to have access to the logic of the application and process data, nor do we want to inject any service in them.
  • Thus, for a particular situation or functionality, the layer must provide an API for which components must subscribe to receive the stream of states.
  • From the perspective of the presentation layer that is made up out of components, these can have inputs and outputs that send only some actions, and always wait for a new state to update the application.
  • Thus, when a change is made to the application, all the application states are updated and all interested components (subscribed to this state) are announced about that change.

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