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Hello World, JS VM Compiler, iOS, & more! Angular News Thursday, December 7

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  • Ahead-of-Time Compilation in Angular
    • Articles about computer science, Angular, JavaScript, and compilers.
    • Angular compiler, component, javascript virtual machine, internal component, AoT
  • Hello World With Angular 5
    • It’s very important to setup an environment for development before jumping into coding. For Angular to run we need to install node.js.
    • Angular application, Angular CLI, Angular applications, Angular project, npm command prompt
  • NativeScript 3.4.0: Angular iOS Startup
    • Give github pages a try
    • home component animation, hello world app, white page, white page blinking, JavaScript CSS spec
  • Angular 5.1 & More Now Available – Angular Blog
    • We are pleased to announce version 5.1.0 of Angular. This is a minor release containing several smaller features and bugfixes. We are also releasing v1.6 of the Angular CLI, and the first stable…
    • Angular Material, Angular CDK, Angular CLI, Angular Service Worker, Angular applications
  • In other words, by having a different implementation of the renderer we can use the same AoT compiled component and render it without any changes in the code.
  • The Angular template compiler receives as an input a component and a context (we can think of the context as a position in the component tree) and produces the following files: – – is a placeholder for the file’s name.
  • If we want to emit TypeScript as output of the AoT compilation process we must make sure we access only public fields in the templates of our components.
  • Since TypeScript has access modifiers, and enforces access only to public properties outside the inheritance chain, inside the internal component we cannot access any private properties part of the context object, so both: – – will throw a compile time error in the generated .
  • For this component, the Angular compiler will generate two classes: – – will be responsible for rendering the template of and also, performing change detection.

Tags: Angular compiler, component, javascript virtual machine, internal component, AoT

  • Today, I will be discussing how to set up your first application using Angular 5.
  • You don’t need to learn node.js for creating an Angular application.
  • Node.js is simply used to manage the dependencies in the Angular application.
  • Angular CLI is a tool to initialize, develop, scaffold, and maintain Angular applications.
  • npm install -g @angular/cli – – – – – – – – It will install the full package of angular/cli for the application.

Tags: Angular application, Angular CLI, Angular applications, Angular project, npm command prompt

  • It was 2016 when Vue.js rose to fame and gained so much traction that it’s now seen as an alternative for even well established JavaScript libraries, such as Angular and React.
  • Since Angular belongs to search engine giant Google and React comes from social media behemoth Facebook, developers still trust and use those libraries more than Vue.js.
  • This blog attempts to shed light on why there is a growing belief among developers that Vue.js is set to become the top JavaScript library, leaving behind Angular and React.
  • The reason many developers are turning to Vue is that it addresses the issues of React and Angular.
  • But, one must not forget that Angular and React are still very big names in the JavaScript world, whereas Vue has just begun to rise.

Tags: Vue, Angular, React, Vue comprise DOM, Angular way

  • It happens that angular will make a promise on bootstrap, create a Page synchronously, chain a promise that will create the Page UI, the promise is resolved but the callbacks chained happen on the next tick on the main loop, so iOS layouts the main Window capturing a white page….
  • What happens next is the promise ticks, creates UI but iOS wouldn’t fire a next layout, delaying the ListView and its cell generation until the launch-screen to home component animation is played.
  • Here is how it looks, see the white page blinking between the {N} logo and the main-page: – – With the nativescript-angular v3.4 we will drain the microtasks in the nativescript-zone in the UIViewController’s viewWillAppear, having angular create the whole UI synchronously.
  • iOS will happily render it all before the launch-screen to home component animation is played leading to the following times: – – You have probably noted the big chunk of CSS parsing actually moved into the vendor, it will be captured in the android snapshot now.
  • But the transition from it to the home component will fade nicely this time.

Tags: home component animation, hello world app, white page, white page blinking, JavaScript CSS spec

  • We are also releasing v1.6 of the Angular CLI, and the first stable release of Angular Material.New Angular releases to celebrate the holidays!What’s new?Angular Material CDK Stable ReleaseService Worker support in the CLIImproved Universal AppShell Support in the CLIImproved decorator error messagesTypeScript 2.5 supportFor the complete list of features and…
  • These components are already used in production by a number of Google applications, including Google Analytics Suite, Google Cloud Platform Developer Console, and Google Shopping Express.Starting with this release, Angular Material will be following the same SemVer philosophy as Angular, with major versions of Angular Material and Angular CDK releasing…
  • Modern browsers have a new API for building sites that load reliably and quickly, called the Service Worker API.Angular 5.0.0 shipped with a new Service Worker implementation customized for Angular applications, and Angular CLI 1.6 includes support for building applications which take advantage of this new feature.
  • Using @angular/service-worker can improve the loading performance of your applications in browsers which support the API, and make your application’s loading experience more like that of a natively installed app.Learn about getting started with the Angular Service Worker on our documentation site.CLI 1.6 Improved Universal App Shell SupportAlso with the release…
  • You can then skip to step 4 in our guide to using universal.To build your Universal app, simply run the following command:ng build –app=nameApp ShellThe other feature added is App Shell support; you can now generate and build an application shell, which uses a special universal build to create a…

Tags: Angular Material, Angular CDK, Angular CLI, Angular Service Worker, Angular applications

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