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Prettier, Angular project, Popular internationalization framework & more… Angular News Saturday, February 24

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  • Install Prettier locally – For npm: npm install –save-dev –save-exact prettier – For yarn: yarn add prettier –dev –exact – Add Prettier config files – You want to add two new files to your project to support Prettier.
  • The Prettier docs have examples for setup in the following IDEs: Atom, Emacs, Vim, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, SublimeText and/or Pick your IDE-of-choice, and follow the corresponding instructions from Prettiers website.
  • Or do you want to leave all the files alone, and let the files get reformatted down the road the next time you or your team modifies said file?
  • If you do the latter, for weeks and months to come, your team will slowly commits where the entire file will change, even though only a few lines were modified.
  • You can setup a pre-commit hook that will ensure that all files are formatted according to Prettier.

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  • i18next is a very popular internationalization framework for browser or any other javascript environment (eg.
  • Independent of the building blocks you choose, be it react, angular or even good old jquery proper translation capabilities are just one step away.
  • Having done a big rewrite of i18next in spring we are proud to announce the next big step to get your webproject translated with less effort.
  • We just released locize a translation management system built around the i18next ecosystem.
  • With using locize you directly support the future of i18next.

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  • In the part 2, we use Firebase as a database but Firebase also offers a free storage service!
  • Go to the firebase interface storage tab rules and update the rules to make the storage public.
  • This manipulation is only good for prototyping, to secure the storage, use the firebase auth.You remenber the firebase service?
  • We will add an new line to this service to export the storage service from firebaseWe can now import this service in our components to access to our firebase storage.Ok lets try to upload a picture, you should see your picture in your firebase console.Add the picture to thelistAfter the…
  • We learned:how to use MediaStream to access to the native camera;how to store picture in Firebase with VueFire;Lets have a look to our Progressive Web App checklist:One of our last requirements is not yet met.

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  • Web Development Top 10 Open Source (v.Feb2018)This is a new monthlyseriesFor the past month, we ranked nearly 200 Web Development Open Source Projects to pick the Top 10.
  • We compared projects with new or major release during this period.
  • Average number of Github stars in this edition: 7,964 Watch Web Development Top 10 Open Source on Github and get email once a month.Topics: Image Resize, Bootstrap, Documentation, 2D Game, Icons, SVG, CSS, Charts, Web ScreenshotsOpen source projects can be useful for programmers.
  • Hope you find an interesting project that inspires you.
  • Caire: Content aware image resize library [7503 stars on Github].

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  • Thats when Euler started to convert lands and bridges into something we know as graphs.
  • In our example above, the number of bridges connected to lands can be expressed as degrees of the graph vertex.
  • In his endeavor Euler showed that the possibility of a walk through graph (city) traversing each edge (bridge) one and only one time is strictly dependent on the degrees of vertices (lands).
  • A finite undirected connected graph is an Euler graph if and only if exactly two vertices are of odd degree or all vertices are of even degree.
  • Now, knowing what is a finite connected undirected graph, lets get back to Eulers graph: – So why we did discuss Knigsberg bridges problem and Euler graphs in the first place?

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  • Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.
  • Already on GitHub?
  • Sign in to your account

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