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Pretty big deal, Ngrx effect, Certificate & more… Angular News Monday, February 26

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  • Your NGRX Effects are Probably Wrong – Austin –
    • In this simple effect, we are saving a pizza via a HTTP service. This is wrong though! Heres the right way: Do you see the difference? Its subtle but can be a huge difference in production; instead…
    • pretty big deal, NGRX Effect, simple effect, HTTP service, Bonnie Brennan
  • Running Angular CLI over HTTPS with a Trusted Certificate
    • Running an Angular application over a secure connection is pretty straight forward. There are plenty of tutorials how you can enable this. However, you can run into some problems. This blog post…
    • certificate, git bash, application, new trusted certificate, Angular CLI
  • 🎼webpack 4: released today!!✨ – webpack –
    • Today we’re happy to release that webpack 4 (Legato) is available today! Up to 98% faster builds, huge bundle size decreases, #0CJS, and more!! Upgrade today!
    • webpack, webpack presets design, legato, old JS Framework, largest OpenCollective sponsor
  • Server Side Rendering | Aurelia
    • Without Server Side Rendering the server returns only boilerplate HTML without any content. Today we’re announcing Aurelia Server Side Rendering which allows a Node.js server to render your application on the server and return the HTML of a fully rendered page.
    • Server Side Rendering, Aurelia SSR implementation, initial render times, Aurelia Server, Aurelia application
  • From a convenience store to Redux architecture
    • Imagine that you’re a proud owner of a convenience store that sells various products. Remember how did you start? You rented an empty place (i.e. the store was in its initial state). Then you purchased shelves and ordered products. After that, multiple vendors started delivering products. You hired employees that…
    • state, app, app state, current state, state object
  • Its subtle but can be a huge difference in production; instead of switchMap, I used concatMap.
  • Well the switchMap can cause race conditions.
  • With a switchMap it will cancel and replace the prior observable with a new value that came through.
  • Now there are cases where you want to use a switchMap, lets say you have a typeahead where as the user types, you want to fetch the new results and you really dont care about the previous result.
  • To help illustrate the difference, checkout this demo: difference is subtle but important because it can cause unexpected behavior that will take forever to track down.

Tags: pretty big deal, NGRX Effect, simple effect, HTTP service, Bonnie Brennan

  • // enable or disable SSL – –ssl boolean: defaults to false// path to root certificate – –ssl-cert string: defaults to ssl/server.
  • keyExample #1ng serve -ssl trueSSL is enabledCheck whether there is a certificate and private key in the default ssl folderIf nothing is found, the CLI will generate his own certificate and private keyExample #2ng serve \ – –ssl true \ – –ssl-cert /home/john/ssl/example.crt \ – –ssl-key is enabledCheck whether there…
  • If you dont experience the second problem and you can live with the fact you have an untrusted certificate, you can just stop right here and keep on developing your awesome application.
  • jsonCopy the private key and root certificate from step 1 into the ssl folder.
  • Make sure the file names are like this: – server.key (private key) – server.crt (root certificate)Before we run our application, make sure you have restarted your browser and updated the start script in package.json.

Tags: certificate, git bash, application, new trusted certificate, Angular CLI

  • – Whats new?There are so many new things in webpack 4, that I cant list them all or this post would last forever.
  • Currently built, we now have 5 module types implemented: – javascript/auto: (The default one in webpack 3) JavaScript module with all module systems enabled: CommonJS, AMD, ESMjavascript/esm: EcmaScript modules, all other module system are not available (the default for.
  • json extensions in this order to resolveWhats most exciting about this feature, is that now we can continue to work on our CSS and HTML module types (slated for webpack 4.
  • If you use HtmlWebpackPluginFor this release, we gave the ecosystem a month to upgrade any plugins or loaders to use the new webpack 4 APIs. However, Jan Nicklas has been away with work obligations and therefore, we have provided a patched fork of html-webpack-plugin.
  • Ill personally send you a screen shot of each one if youd like Whatsnext?We have already started planning our next set of features for webpack 4.

Tags: webpack, webpack presets design, legato, old JS Framework, largest OpenCollective sponsor

  • Today, we’re very excited to announce the early-adopter release of Aurelia’s Server Side Rendering!
  • With Server Side Rendering, the server returns the HTML of a fully rendered page, which is great for Search Engine Optimization and initial render times.
  • For this to work, your Aurelia application has to run on the server, which we’ve now enabled through the combination of Node.js and Koa .
  • We’d love for you to play around with Aurelia Server Side Rendering.
  • We think that next milestones should be to add a Server Side Rendering option to the Aurelia CLI for the Webpack bundler, so that the Aurelia CLI can set it up for you when you create new Webpack projects using .

Tags: Server Side Rendering, Aurelia SSR implementation, initial render times, Aurelia Server, Aurelia application

  • Similarly to a real store, at any given time your apps storehas a current state.
  • If the user interacts with the UI, or the server sends new data, these actions should ask the store object to update the state.
  • The app component subscribes to the store, receives the new state object and updates the UI accordingly.
  • Besides the property type, and action object can optionally have another property with the payload of data that should somehow change the app state, for example: – – This object only describes the action and provides the payload, but it doesnt know how the state should be changed.
  • While the Redux is widely used in the web apps developed with the React framework, for Angular apps you can use the ngrx library that also implements the unidirectional data flow and can be used for implementing the app state management.

Tags: state, app, app state, current state, state object

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