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  • I Peeked Into My Node_Modules Directory And You Wont Believe What HappenedNextThe left-pad fiasco shook the JavaScript community to its core when a rouge developer removed a popular module from npm, causing tens of projects to go dark.
  • Its time we as a community stand up and say enough is enough, this community belongs to all of us, and not just a handful of JavaScript developers with great hair.
  • Well, looking at Glimmers dependencies, I found something quite curious: – glimmer@1.1.5 – brittanica@13.0.2 – brittanica-a@0.0.1 – brittanica-b@0.1.2 – brittanica-c@0.0.3 – …brittanicaa module using up 93KB (or 93%) of Glimmers code size, must be doing all the heavy lifting.
  • It itself consists of many dependencieseach one a module also named brittanica, suffixed with a letter of the english alphabet (26 in total).
  • I then counted the number of dependencies brought in by this package, followed by the total code size, using two commands I absolutely didnt just look up on StackOverflow.

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  • In this Node.js deployment tutorial, you are going to learn how to deploy Node.js applications to either a PaaS provider (Heroku) or with using Docker.
  • In this part of the tutorial, you are going to learn how to use Heroku to deploy your Node.js applications with ease.
  • In your terminal, add the Heroku remote url: – – You are ready to deploy your first application to Heroku – it is really just a away: – – Once you do this, Heroku starts building your application and deploys it as well.
  • In this part of the tutorial, you are going to learn how to create images from your Node.js applications and run them.
  • In the next chapter of Node Hero, you are going to learn how to monitor your Node.js applications – so that it can be online 24/7.

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  • md (Justin Lee) #18873 – [8047c27855] – doc: fix typo in (Vse Mozhet Byt) #18872 – [0dd8ea4a00] – doc: refactor manpage to use mdoc(7) macros (Alhadis) #18559 – [33271e60f3] – doc: mark accessing IPC channel fd as undefined (Bartosz Sosnowski) #17545 – [02e9e9949c] – doc: fix minor typos in…
  • (Antoine AMARA) #18721 – [17d4dd5cce] – doc: move Fedor to TSC Emeritus (Myles Borins) #18752 – [92ed0710da] – doc: add mmarchini to collaborators (Matheus Marchini) #18740 – [b5073a0744] – doc: mark NAPI_AUTO_LENGTH as code (Tobias Nieen) #18697 – [3cfb313e8e] – doc: add error check to fs example (Evan Lucas) #18681…
  • md (iskore) #18555 – [6256d70916] – doc: add section for strategic initiatives (Michael Dawson) #17104 – [5f0b3431e1] – doc: remove usage of you in n-api doc (Michael Dawson) #18528 – [2418c86c1e] – doc: expand on promises and async_hooks (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #18540 – [a7ad003e37] – doc: shell option for the…
  • md (Steven R. Loomis) #16939 – [8c6dc62dc4] – doc: dedupe links (Vse Mozhet Byt) #18213 – [6b1a40e914] – doc: capitalize non-primitive types (Vse Mozhet Byt) #18111 – [44bf0f4f12] – domain: further abstract usage in C++ (Anatoli Papirovski) #18291 – [35471bcfdf] – domain: fix error emit handling (Anatoli Papirovski) #17588 -…
  • createServer (Peter Marton) #15752 – [7c682f2fd0] – (SEMVER-MINOR) https: add extra options to Agent#getName() (Jeff Principe) #16402 – [74051c64aa] – inspector: –inspect-brk for es modules (Guy Bedford) #18194 – [741e82e710] – (SEMVER-MINOR) lib: allow process kill by signal number (Sam Roberts) #16944 – [810925bc17] – lib: replace eval with vm.runInThisContext…

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  • Get started developing apps with Azure using the resources below to find great tutorials and tools for Node.js developers.
  • Learn how to build Node.js apps with Azure services.
  • Learn how to use Azure services and tools in your Node.js apps.

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