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Node.js powered api, Cp src/package.json dist, Ticker & more… Node News Thursday, February 22

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  • – dist – – package.json – src – config – index.js – controllers – – models – – package.json – routes – – server.js – utils – – All source code is stored in /src.
  • cd dist yarn node_modules – Move into the /dist directory and install the npm modules using yarn – Running the build is as simple as running the following command from your terminal: – Note: You will need to ensure that the file is executable – – OR if you…
  • If youre a visual person, a production instance should look a little something like this: – And, the code for an example user controller would look like this: – Mongoose Models (MongoDB)Mongoose is a wonderful ODM (Object Data Modeling) library for Node.js and MongoDB.
  • Heres an example of a user model pulled directly from a project currently under development here at Stream: – Note: When it comes to hosting and running MongoDB, I like to use MongoDB Atlas.
  • If youre interested in seeing a fully built out skeleton for a REST API built with Node.js, Express, Mongoose, and MongoDB, head over to this GitHub repo.

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  • MongoDB 3.2 introduced the aggregation framework pipeline stage, which let you pull documents from a separate collection into your aggregation framework pipeline.
  • MongoDB 3.6 introduces support for much more sophisticated lookups with the new operator.
  • For example, the below pipeline finds all stock holdings whose current value is greater than $1000 based on the property from the holding document and the property from the stock document.
  • The new operator and the new and syntax for go a long way towards replicating SQL joins in MongoDB.
  • MongoDB 3.6 has several more exciting new aggregation features in addition to the new syntax, so make sure you upgrade to take advantage of all of the new features.

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  • Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.
  • Already on GitHub?
  • Sign in to your account

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  • Node.Js with Redis: – You can see, the above code explains that redis will store the cache data of with unique key value that we have specified, using this function: – client.setex (isbn, 3600, JSON.stringify(book));And take the cache data using the function below: – client.get(isbn, (err, result) = { -…
  • db.user.find({email: queryPlanner : … – }, – winningPlan : { – stage : COLLSCAN, – filter : { – email : { – $eq : – } – }, – direction : forward – }, – rejectedPlans : [ ] – }, – executionStats : { – executionSuccess :…
  • email: 1 }, { name: email_1, unique: true }) – { – : false, – numIndexesBefore : 1, – numIndexesAfter : 2, – ok : 1 – }The result of query analysis after add index email – db.user.find({email: queryPlanner : …, – winningPlan : { – stage : FETCH, -…
  • Server Push allows the server to avoid delays in sending data by pushing responses that it claims the client needs to cache it and automatically this will speed up page load time by reducing the number of requests.Binary Format: – HTTP / 1.1 sends data in the textual format, while…
  • Binary protocols are more efficient to parse and reduce the number of errors, compared to previous versions of textual protocols.And we know, Node.js currently supports and provides HTTP/2 implementations for core Node.js.

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  • So event loop enters the timer phase and checks if anything is there in the timer queue to be executed.
  • After timer phase, event loop will enter the pending i/o phase to check if some callbacks from previous tasks are pending or not in the .
  • When event loop enters the poll phase, it execute the scripts in the , which includes file read response, new socket or http connection requests till the time either the entire queue is exhausted or like other phases, a system dependent max limit.
  • After poll phase event loop will immediately come down to check phase where in the queue there could be callbacks invoked by the api .
  • After completing the tasks in check phase, event loops next destination is which handles close or destroy type of callbacks.

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  • Though Github pages are the great source for open source project hosting, we may need to deploy our app on different Servers.
  • In this article, we will learn about how to deploy an Angular app on Heroku Server.
  • This will make sure that every time we push new code to Heroku, Angular automatically build the code and push it into /dist directory.
  • In order to demonstrate the working, we will just create the simple Express server and run it once the code is deployed in Heroku instance.
  • Now add this command in package.json file to run the Server automatically when we deploy the code.

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