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Node News Friday, March 23 Node api, Newly created user, Single page apps & more…

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  • Install the Node and React Prerequisites – To set up the base application, make sure you have these basic tools installed: – – – Node (8+) – npm (5+) – create-react-app (npm package) – express-generator (npm package) – – Youll also need an Okta developer account.
  • Scaffold the Base Application – Go to the folder where you want your application to live and create a new folder for it: – – mkdir MembershipSample – cd MembershipSample – express api – create-react-app client – – This will create two folders in the MembershipSample folder called api and…
  • /App’; – import registerServiceWorker from onAuthRequired({ history }) { – Router – Security issuer={config.issuer} – client_id={config.client_id} – App / – /Security – /Router, – complete, you will have added the BrowserRouter component (aliased as Router) from the React Router, and the Security component from Oktas React SDK.
  • Add a HomePage.js file to the folder with the following contents: – – import React from ‘react’; – – export default class HomePage extends React.Component{ – render(){ – return( – h1Home Page/h1 – ); – } – } – – This is all you really need for the home page…
  • The code for the LoginForm component is as follows: – – import React from ‘react’; – import OktaAuth from ‘@okta/okta-auth-js’; – import { withAuth } from ‘@okta/okta-react’; – – export default withAuth(class LoginForm extends React.Component { – constructor(props) { – super(props); – this.state = { – sessionToken: null, – error:…

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