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  • Designing a REST API with Node.js and MongoDB Atlas
    • Nodejs is a remarkable technology for the fulfilling and developing web applications. In this tutorial, I will walk you through the basics of REST API design with using Node.js ecosystem.
    • mongodb atlas, database, server, application, API
  • Get local IP address in node.js
    • I have a simple node.js program running on my machine and I want to get local IP address of PC on which is my program running. How do I get it with node.js?
    • var, ip, ip address, var ip,
  • Can I use jQuery with Node.js?
    • This is my formula to make a simple crawler in Node.js. It is the main reason for wanting to do DOM manipulation on the server side and probably it’s the reason why you got here.
    • jquery, jquery node packages, jquery code, jsdom, easier. install jquery
  • Using Angular Universal and Node.js to render a Pokemon App from the Server | DotNetCurry
    • Using Angular Universal and Node.js to build an application using the Pokémon API to show a list of pokémons and their details. The application would be rendered from the server.
    • server, application, import, export class, file
  • ungoldman/hyperaxe
    • hyperaxe – Enchanted hyperscript weapon.
    • var, var horse, var nano, var app,
  • YouTube
    • Learn how to do basic web scraping using Node.js in this tutorial. The request-promise and cheerio libraries are used. 💻 Github:…
    • upload original content, YouTube, , ,
  • REST is an acronym for Representation State Transfer and is an industry standard (till Graphql conquers the world) for defining how an API and its endpoint (routes) should communicate with the server code of your web application.
  • A REST API consumes HTTP methods such GET, POST, etc. with endpoints that are nothing but URLs that you can use to fetch some data or update/create new data in the database.
  • Node.jsinstalled Access toMongoDB, a NoSQL database on your local machine or cloud IDE/Editor Postman, a REST client to test our APIs endpoints If you do not have MongoDB installed on your local mahcine, do not worry.
  • Once you have logged in, you will get the below screen: At this point, you can either take time to explore what MongoDB Atlas is or you can skip and together we will setup a Sandbox for our sample application.
  • Create a fileapp.jsin the root directory with the following code: The app is an object provided by Express API for the developer to communicate with the application and bootstrap a server.

Tags: mongodb atlas, database, server, application, API

  • Then there is the network IP, which you can get from (*nix) or (win).
  • Then there is your external/public IP, which you can only get if you can somehow ask the router for it, or you can setup an external service which returns the client IP address whenever it gets a request.
  • In some cases (for instance if you have a WAN connection) the network IP and the public IP are the same, and can both be used externally to reach your computer.
  • If your network and public IPs are different, you may need to have your network router forward all incoming connections to your network ip.
  • There’s a new way of doing this now, you can check the socket object of your connection for a property called , e.g. .

Tags: var, ip, ip address, var ip,

  • When the download is complete, handle it to and begin DOM manipulation just like using jQuery.
  • This example will print to the console all top questions showing on SO home page.
  • It couldn’t get easier than that 🙂 – – And run (assuming the script above is in file ): – – Some pages will have non-english content in a certain encoding and you will need to decode it to .
  • Say you want to list all posters from each top question on SO.
  • You have to first list all top questions (example above) and then enter each link, parsing each question’s page to get the list of involved users.

Tags: jquery, jquery node packages, jquery code, jsdom, easier. install jquery

  • @angular/platform-server: This package is created by the Angular team to support server side rendering of Angular applications.
  • Open a command prompt, move to the folder where the sample app is created and run the following commands there: – – We need to make a few changes to the Angular application to enable it for server rendering.
  • Place the following code inside this file: – – We need a file to serve as the entry point for the application from the server.
  • As you see, the server code uses the static files from the dist folder to serve the client application.
  • The following screenshot taken on Chrome dev tools shows the content served in response to the index file: – – Typing the commands to build and run the client and server portions of the application is a painful and error prone task.

Tags: server, application, import, export class, file

  • The returned function is variadic, so any number of children are accepted.
  • They return the same function as described above, with the argument prefilled.

Tags: var, var horse, var nano, var app,

    Tags: upload original content, YouTube, , ,

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