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  • The release of Node.js v10 is just a week away, and will include a suite of new features including updates to errors and the formal addition of N-API.
  • Beyond these new additions, I believe we will continue to see increased adoption and development of Node.js features that have been recently proposed or otherwise landed since the release Node.js 8.
  • If youd like to learn more about the new implementation of error codes in Node.js, be sure to check out Michael Dawson’s post about it here.
  • While the addition of N-API won’t visibly affect the majority of users and module developers, its goal is simple: remove barriers caused by native modules when upgrading Node.js.
  • That said, there hasnt been much discourse around or a major move towards adoption of the new implementation beyond the bounds of the Node.js core team.

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  • For developers, the move to DevOps requires a mindset shift — yes, you’re going to own some test responsibility — and new skills, like cutting-edge coding languages such as Groovy or Node.js.
  • Developers headed to that DevOps for beginners land need tolerance, an open mind and a willingness to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those who are not technical.
  • Going down the DevOps for beginners path means letting go of some control while simultaneously taking ownership of new projects neither of which will be easy or feel natural.
  • As they set foot on the DevOps for beginners road they’ll need to think of themselves as risk managers and scramble to learn the skills to get there.
  • In both cases, being open to working with a much wider group of individuals than before helps to ease the DevOps for beginners transition.

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  • Sails,an MVC web framework for building Node.js applicationsalso known as Sails.js, is now in Version 1.0 production status, featuring an / capability from the ECMAScript 2017 specification that promises to improve developer productivity.
  • Intended to resemble theRuby on Rails web framework, Sails is positioned as a lightweight framework that rests atop Express.
  • Sails was designed to emulate MVC patterns while supporting data-driven APIs.
  • Other new features in the Sails 1.0 release include: – – The Sails 1.0 release has more breaking changes than previous versions, to favor a better developer experience over backward compatibility.
  • The frameworks blueprint API, for example, has minor breaking changes that might require changes to client-side code.

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