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  • Our team enjoys working closely with you, to help come up with appropriate content for your site.
  • Our teams content writing skills ranges from mastering of different writing styles to being original in whatever we write.

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  • Javascript does not support 64 bit integers, because the native number type is a 64-bit double, giving only 53 bits of integer range.
  • You can create arrays of 32-bit numbers (i.e. ) but if there were a 64-bit version of those there’d be no way to copy values from it into standalone variables.
  • There are some modules around to provide 64bit integer support: – – Maybe your problem can be solved using one of those libraries.

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  • This article looks at the ongoing convergence of these trends and provides an overview of the projects that are bringing GPU-accelerated neural networks to the JavaScript world.
  • Brain.js is a continuation of an older neural network library and uses gpu.js for hardware acceleration.
  • A feed-forward neural network with three layers trained with Propel on the MNIST data setAutomatic differentiation (AD) is at the core of this project and frees us from the need to manually specify derivatives.
  • The project specializes in accelerated JavaScript functions and does not attempt to provide a neural network framework.
  • Support for GPU-accelerated neural nets is based on gpu.js and has, arguably, been the most important development in the projects recent history.

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  • StepStone is a global private markets specialist overseeing over US$130 billion of private equity allocations, including approximately US$34 billion of assets under management.
  • StepStone offers customized private markets investment management and advisory services to institutional clients using industry leading analytics and research capabilities, with a focus on providing highly responsive and collaborative client service.
  • The Firm covers the global private markets across multiple sectors and operates from offices in Beijing, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, New York, Perth, San Diego, San Francisco, So Paulo, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Zurich.
  • In order to share and leverage information across StepStones 11 offices and global client base, we utilize a number of different web applications, which are used to report historical performance and make better investment decisions.
  • We are looking for an experienced PHP developer to join our quickly growing team to assist with the expansion and maintenance of these web applications.

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