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Publish Date: 2017-12-01T21:24:09.871000+00:00
Author: Vincent Mühler

  • Not only is it possible to write bindings to a native Node.js addon, which are non-blocking / asynchronous, you can furthermore easily make use of multiple threads to perform computionally heavy tasks in parallel and in the next few minutes I am going to show you how to do so….
  • If you are not familar with this syntax: “: Nan::AsyncWorker(callback)” don’t worry, this just means: call the constructor of the superclass with callback.The Execute function will obviously perform the main work of our task, thus we are calling our delay function here.
  • But first of all, we will wrap the async function binding in a Promise, since we would have to invoke it with a callback otherwise, which is very inconvenient once you make multiple asynchronous calls:In case you are not familar with Promises: Promises are basically a convenient way to chain…
  • Thus doAsyncStuffPromised returns the Promise that resolves when our doAsyncStuff holds a result and rejects if an error occured.We will define runSync and runAsync to run our sync and async bindings a few times respectively and log the execution time with the synchronous version we just call the function numTasks…
  • Well the first thing we can see is, that it took much less time to execute the asynchronous tasks, more precisely the async tasks finished roughly 3 times creating a new AsyncWorker will spawn a new Thread.

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Author: bnb

  • If you’d like to add an awesome list to that’s related to Node.js, be sure to read the contribution guidelines and then make your change and open a pull request!
  • Know of an awesome list that would fit in this section?
  • Know of an awesome list that would fit in this section?
  • Know of an awesome list that would fit in this section?
  • Know of an awesome list that would fit in this section?

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Publish Date: 2017-05-21T11:07:47.211000+00:00
Author: Peter Chang

  • Password cracking is equivalent to picking the lock on the front door of a house to break in, by @ChetanKaradeThis is a note about Node.js security, by reading the amazing book Securing Node Applications by @ChetanKarade, which explains couple of common vulnerabilities in very simple way, and provides relevant npm…
  • Brute-force AttackThe most guaranteed but time-consuming method to crack a password is the brute-force attack.Brute force password cracking workall the letters, number, special characters that might be combined for a password and attempts them.Brute-force attack tool :Preventing brute-force attack:7 rules to keep passwords safe:Require strong passwordsRate-limit maximum login attempts allowed per…
  • toString(‘base64’)const password = ) is a async function, because the hashing done by bcrypt is CPU intensive, so the sync version will block the event loop and prevent your application from servicing any other inbound requests or events, and it results that taking longer time to hack plaintext(more).3.
  • There are three ways an attacker normally goings about:Guess the IDSteal the IDSet the IDImplementation of Secure Session ManagementHTTP is stateless, in order to associate a request to any other request, you need a way to store user data between HTTP requests.Cookies and URL parameters are both suitable ways to…
  • When designing Secure Session Management, there are some tips:Never expose Session data on client side, only SID is stored on CookieNever put Session on URL parameterNever store Session data in production environments (but DB)Use httpOnly flag, to ensure that the cookie is not accessible to JavaScript code running on the…

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  • Clinic helps you investigate and resolve performance issues in your Node apps.
  • The Doctor tool can show you what is wrong and point you to other tools to solve the issue.

Tags: Node Shopping Cart, Node apps, Node Developers, Node Clinic, Node-powered e-commerce app

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Publish Date: 2018-01-17T16:49:09.634000+00:00
Author: Carl Vitullo

  • Node 8 introduces the Inspector API, which better integrates with existing developer tools.There’s one common theme that I’ve encountered when using these methods: they must be invoked when starting the node process.
  • The other day, I found myself with a process in an odd state that I’ve had trouble reproducing, and I didn’t want to risk losing it by restarting the process to enable the inspector.However, I found a solution — no less, a solution from the official Node docs.A Node.js process started without…
  • This is the SIGUSR1 that the node docs are referring to, so now I just need a pid, or process ID, to send it to.
  • But I see down towards the bottom the right process: node .
  • $ kill -usr1 9713It runs with no output, but I check the logs of my node process and seeDebugger listening on help see can open chrome://inspect, and I immediately see my inspect target.I click “inspect”, and I’m rewarded with a Chrome DevTools window in the context of my node process!…

Tags: node process, official Node docs, Chrome DevTools window, Chrome Developer Tools, now-legacy Debugger API

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Publish Date: 2015-01-12T04:00:39+00:00
Author: Shahid (Unixroot)

  • Make sure you have started MySQL on default port and changed the parameter in above code then run this code using – – Above code is just for learning purpose and not for production payload.
  • In production scenario is different, there may be thousands of concurrent users which turns into tons of MySQL queries.
  • In Node mysql, we can use pooling directly to handle multiple connection and reuse the connection.
  • We have created 100 connection limit in code, so you might be wondering that after 100 concurrent connection code will break.
  • If your MySQL server is configured to handle such traffic at one socket then it will run and our code will manage the scheduling of concurrent connection.

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  • The conference will feature preconference workshops facilitated by leading scholars in the field, distinguished international plenary speakers, panel discussions, individual paper and poster presentations, concurrent workshops, and ISSOTL’s signature Conference Commons for informal idea-sharing and networking.
  • The ISSOTL18 conference theme, Toward a learning culture, opens a space for discussions about the collegial, cultural, inter-professional and interpersonal dimensions of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and encompasses but is not limited to the following topics or threads: – – General information for all formats – – When…
  • Papers – – We invite proposals for single paper presentations on the conference theme, especially presentations on completed SoTL projects.
  • They offer an opportunity for hands-on work on a SoTL question, research method, or topic during the concurrent sessions of the conference.
  • We therefore especially invite proposals for posters that take up important and timely topics related to the conference theme.

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Author: Carlos Santana

  • VIDEO¿Te gustaría ser nuestro Patreon?
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Author: Carlos Santana

  • Hola chicos, seguimos con este gran curso, ahora la parte 3, en la cual van a aprender: – – – – VIDEO¿Te gustaría ser nuestro Patreon?
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