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Author: Sibeesh Venu

  • Creating Node JS Application In Visual Studio – – – – You can find an option as Node JS in your “Add New Project” window, as shown below.
  • Select all the data from database using Node JS – – – – Now, run your application and see the output.
  • Insert data to database using Node JS – – – – We can always perform some insert query too using Node JS, the difference will be – as we have Transactions in SQL , we will include that too here.
  • Delete data from database using Node JS – – – – As we performed insert operation, we can do the same for delete operation as well.
  • Update data from database using Node JS – – – – The only action pending here to perform is UPDATE.

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  • In this article we had explored using Amazon’s Serverless services to create Lambda functions that interact with Couchbase, our NoSQL database.
  • We’re going to see how to create serverless functions using OpenWhisk to communicate with our Couchbase Server database.
  • js file and include the following JavaScript code: – – You’re probably seeing the bigger picture now in regards to function creation with OpenWhisk and Couchbase, so we’re not going to walk through the above function for deleting documents.
  • If you’re on a Mac or computer with a ZIP CLI, execute the following: – – When you have a ZIP of each function, they can be deployed by executing the following: – – I introduced some new things in the above command.
  • You just saw how to create a package of serverless functions for OpenWhisk that communicate with the NoSQL database, Couchbase.

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Author: Justice Mba

  • Are you always mystified, like me, whenever you come across words like Buffer, Stream, and binary data in Node.js?
  • And that’s exactly why I’m writing this piece — to help us demystify some of these features and take our Node.js learning to the next level.When introducing Buffer, the official Node.js docs states in part…… mechanism for reading or manipulating streams of binary data.
  • For example, the following are five different binaries, five different sets of 1s and 0s:10, 01, 001, 1110, 00101011Each number in a binary, each 1 and 0 in a set are called a Bit, which is a short form of Binary digIT.To store or represent a piece of data, a…
  • The point here is, computers stores all data types in binaries, and this is known as binary data.If you’re super interested in the nitty-gritty of Character Encoding, you might like this gentle and detailed introduction.Now we understand what binary data is, but what are streams of binary data from our…
  • It is a small physical location in your computer, usually in the RAM, where data are temporally gathered, wait, and are eventually sent out for processing during streaming.We can think of the whole stream and buffer process as a bus station.

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  • You must’ve surely heard of the NPM (Node Package Manager).
  • NPM isn’t just fast, it is robust and helps with global installs, project dependencies and isolates projects too.
  • As to why Node is fast, it actually handles I/O operations asynchronously with a single threaded event loop.
  • Thus, reading/writing and other I/O operations are pretty fast in Node and this is a boon for developers as it helps them build scalable network applications.

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Author: Shahid (Unixroot)

  • We need to boot our RaspberryPI using the Raspbian operating system and to do that we need to plug in our MicroSD chip in the RaspberryPI and it will boot the operating system.
  • You can write the operating system image in MicroSD card using any disk image burning software, however, I recommend using Etcher which is cross platform tool to burn the image file to disk.
  • So we have Raspbian OS flashed in SD card, RaspberryPI along with keyboard,mouse, and monitor.
  • First of all, let’s insert our SD card in RaspberryPI.
  • Turn around the RaspberryPI and on the back side there is small card holder, insert your SD card into the slot, refer image below for reference.

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