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React News Friday, March 2 Todo app, React native, React native & more…

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  • Ill be using ReactiveSearch Native, an open-source library which provides React Native UI components and simplifies building data-driven apps.
  • Clone fromhere.Diving into codeOnce you have cloned the code from the base branch, you should see a directory structure like below: – navigation – RootComponent.js // Root component for our app – MainTabNavigator.js // Tab navigation component – screens – TodosScreen.js // Renders the TodosContainer – components – Header.js //…
  • Well add the streaming related logic later.onAllDataa callback function which receives the list of current todo items and the streaming (new todos and any updates) and returns a React component or JSX to render.
  • Adding TodoItem(s)Next, well create a separate component TodoItem for showing each todo which will contain all necessary markups for a todo item like the CheckBox, Text, and a delete Icon.
  • Well pass the todo as a prop along with the API methods for update and destroy which will be used by TodoItem component.

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  • I built a simple React Native app that pulls and displays Home Health Care statistics for all States (geographic) and Counties.
  • The user selects the State, and the data is refreshed to show the relevant providers.
  • The gotchasDuring the development cycle everything ran fine on the Simulator, navigation was fast, screen refresh rate / data-loading was fast.
  • The deployed app on iOS was slownavigation lagged, screen refresh rates were inconsistent and would take between 5 to 20 seconds.
  • I reached out to Spencer Carli who provides tutorials/training on Handlebar Labsgreat RN courses, some paid / some freeSpencer helped me identify three key issues.

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  • This tutorial covers the most popular conditional renderings methods: – If/ElsePrevent rendering with nullElement variablesTernary operatorShort-circuit operator ( )Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions (IIFE)SubcomponentsHigh Order Components (HOCs)As an example of how all these methods work, a component with a view/edit functionality will be implemented: – You can try and fork all the…
  • So lets simplify it by extracting all the conditional logic to two render methods, one to render the input box and another one to render the button: – Heres the complete fiddle to try it out: – Notice that the method renderInputField returns an empty div element when the app…
  • Back to our example, change the renderInputField method to look like this: – Heres the complete fiddle: – One advantage of returning null instead of an empty element is that youll improve a little bit the performance of your app because React wont have to unmount the component to replace…
  • Im going to remove renderInputField and renderButton and in the render method, Im going to add a variable to know if the component is in view or edit mode: – Now you can use the ternary operator to return `null` if the `view` mode is set, or the input field…
  • /span/IfThese libraries provide more advanced components, but if we need something like a simple if/else, we can do something like what Michael J. Ryan showed in one of the comments of this issue: – Heres the complete fiddle: – Higher-order componentsA higher-order component (HOC) is a function that that takes…

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  • The talk opens with a question: With vast differences in computing power and network speed, how do we deliver the best user experience for everyone?
  • If my device is fast enough, it feels almost like its synchronous; if my device is slow, the app still feels responsive.
  • Notice that only the final state was displayed; the rendered screen is always consistent and we dont see visual artifacts of slow rendering causing a janky user experience.
  • On the second demo, Dan explains: Weve built a generic way for components to suspend rendering while they load async data.
  • On a slow network, you can intentionally design which loading states the user should see and how granular or coarse they should be, instead of showing spinners based on how the code is written.

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  • Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.
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