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React News Tuesday, November 28

React News Preview / TLDR

  • This article will focus on clean code practices as they apply to modern React software development.
  • Many React developers rely on Jest for a zero-configuration test runner and to produce code coverage reports.
  • And don’t discount the “rewrite factor” and time spent fixing comments from code reviews.
  • The advantage of letting React set your prop defaults, however, is that it produces more efficient code, defaults props in a based lifecycle component, as well as allows your default values to be checked against .
  • For example, the following component is ripe for converting to an SFC. – – The clean version clears a lot of the screen clutter of the dirty version.

Tags: clean code, clean code practices, clean version, American Express, pull-request code reviews

  • The goal of this repo is to provide an implementation of the Animated library that is currently provided by React Native that can also be used by React in a web context.
  • At some point, React Native will itself depend on this library.
  • Additionally, it would be ideal if this library would be compatible with future potential “targets” of React where animation makes sense.
  • Right now the main export of this library is essentially just what is in the namespace in React Native, minus the , , and namespace.
  • Ideally, I’d like to make it so that , , and are exported, and just do the “right thing” depending on whether or not they are being used in the context of React Native or React Web.

Tags: react native, React Web, Declarative Animations Library, slightly different implementations, platform specific file

  • This is an Excel-like Spreadsheet Grid component that supports: – – Custom cell editors (use built-in Input and Select, or any other components) & header content – – Performant scroll for as many rows as you need – – For examples of the grid in action, you can run the…
  • Use this func to define what cells are disabled in the table.
  • You have to pass here to blur the focused cell of the table after a value of any of cells has been changed.
  • works the same way, but func receives current and current state of the cell ( ) as parameters, so you can create an outpur based on them.
  • The only exception, that you have to use and props to redefine height of the header and rows to not broke the scroll of the table.

Tags: row, import { Grid, Grid columns, value, focus

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