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Solidity News Friday, March 2 Nikkei japan manufacturing, Latest pmi survey, Trump academi & more…

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  • TOKYO — The Nikkei Japan Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index, or PMI, edged lower to 54.1 in February from 54.8 in January, as Japanese manufacturers saw a solid, albeit weaker, rate of improvement in business conditions.
  • A reading above 50 signals an improvement, while one below 50 points to a contraction in business activity.
  • Sentiment in the sector remained upbeat, as firms hired additional staff at the quickest rate in 11 years amid expectations that the Japanese economy would continue along an expansionary path, said Joe Hayes, economist at IHS Markit which compiles the survey.
  • The trend of building momentum in the Japanese manufacturing sector came to an end in the latest PMI survey period, Hayes then warned.

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    • I have mapped 10 unique ids with 10 Foo structs, where each Foo is an arraylist of 10 items.
    • Approach b) leaves holes by only resetting the members in the struct – – Step 3: I push new items with different mapping uint id.
    • [Q] In total, I have mapped 10 unique ids with 10 Foo structs, where each Foo is an arraylist of 10 items.
    • Later I delete the items in my data structure then insert new items into it.
    • These matter because I am using a mapping data structure of very large size and items get inserted and removed frequently.

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