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Solidity News Monday, March 12 Smart contract, Solidity smart contract, Tru reputation & more…

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  • Next is the function to retrieve data: – function getHash(address account) public view returns(string, uint) { – return (ipfsHashes[account], timestamp[account]); – }This function accepts a address as the argument and returns the ipfs hash and timestamp that are stored under that users address.
  • Solidity also requires that you define the return type(s) Here we specify: returns(string, uint) Which means we are returning a string and a uint (an ipfs hash and timestamp) – Here is the full code of our smart contract: – We can now test the code in Remix by selecting…
  • First youll need to do a global install of Truffle: – npm install -g truffleThe directories: build, contracts, migrations and test were automatically created by running: – truffle initThe following two files were also auto generated when truffle init ran: contracts/Migrations.
  • Next we are importing the compiled contract that we created earlier with Truffle: – import MyDetails from we configure truffle-contract and set the web3 provider: – const DetailsContract = first function simply returns an instance of the contract: – const getInstance = async () = { – const instance =…
  • The hash gets passed as an argument, and the address gets set as the from field which our contract receives as msg.sender Notice the function name setHash is the same name we use in the Solidity contract.

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  • With those constraints in mind, we have designed the system to: – Ensure aggressive pre-release testing to reduce attack surface areasInclude Automated Security Code Auditing.Include the capability to use consensus based upgrade to ensure that the community own the Tru Reputation Protocol as much as Tru Ltd do.Beyond patching, we…
  • As such, we have created a complete set of Tru Reputation Token Documentation- covering everything from source, dependencies, testing strategy, project requirements and further reading.
  • Security AuditingEach commit of the Tru Reputation Token is also being subjected to a number of auditing techniques to ensure known attack vectors cannot be exploited against the code.
  • The tools used for this are: – OyenteAudit generated automatically upon commit to repositoryMythrilAudit generated automatically upon commit to repositoryEtherscan Contract VerificationManually executed upon deployment to each public network including Test Networks.We have endeavoured to ensure every commit to the Tru Reputation Token repository is automatically tested, code coverage is…
  • The details are as below: – Tru Reputation Token Smart Contract Rinkeby Reputation Token Pre-Sale Smart Contract Rinkeby Feedback?Feel free to clone or fork the Tru Reputation Token and re-purpose it to your ends.

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