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Solidity News Sunday, March 18 Initial coin offerings, Illicit activities, Ethereum classic & more…

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  • Twitter to prohibit range of cryptocurrency ads
    • The social media platform may ban ICOs and almost all cryptocurrency exchanges, with just a few exceptions.
    • initial coin offerings, illicit activities, new advertising policy, Sky News, cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Deploy Your First Contract!
    • IntroductionThere are already many written contracts that you can use on ETC, for the most basic contracts you won’t need to write any code yourself. You’ve got Multi-Sig Wallets, IoT proof of concepts, ERC 223 tokens …
    • Ethereum Classic, Contract, ,
  • Protegiendo los Smarts Contracts
    • Ya hemos escrito en este blog, en distintas ocasiones, sobre temas como Blockchain, Bitcoins, Ethereum y Smart Contracts, e incluso hemos realizado un #11PathsTalks dedicado al tema. Son terminologías que todos los que estamos interesados en este sector conocemos. El concepto Smart Contracts seguramente sea el que menos hemos oído…
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  • Twitter is preparing to prohibit a range of cryptocurrency advertisements amid looming regulatory intervention in the sector.The microblogging platform is following similar moves by Facebook and Google which have restricted financial advertisements due to concerns about illicit activities.Sky News understands that the new advertising policy will be implemented in two…
  • On Wednesday, Google announced it too would begin restricting ads for cryptocurrencies and related content, including initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and trading advice services.Both Facebook and Google also banned ads for binary options trading following the release of figures from Action Fraud that showed victims’ losses in Britain…
  • Mr Carney said: There are a number of problems with cryptocurrencies.
  • There have been a number of incidents of theft – not just big crimes but also steady thefts from people’s wallets.
  • Last September, the US securities regulator issued its first fraud charges in connection with the practice of initial coin offerings – a controversial method of raising capital by creating coins or tokens using the blockchain technology which underpins bitcoin.

Tags: initial coin offerings, illicit activities, new advertising policy, Sky News, cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Youve got Multi-Sig Wallets, IoT proof of concepts, ERC 223 tokens (and, OpenZeppelins suite of useful contracts, and many other contracts available to you just waiting to be deployed.
  • To give a little background, at the moment deployment is complicated due to the following issues: – – So ultimately our best option here is to use MEW with contracts that have an empty constructor.
  • We can sign with a hardware wallet, this is pretty much a must, especially for any contract that requires permissions/can be modified by your key pair, as is the case with multi-sigs.
  • For different deployments there will be different requirements, either a different file, or even multiple contracts each deployed to their own address.
  • Once you paste the bytecode into MEW it will attempt to calculate the Gas Limit for deployment, in the case of this contract its about 1.8 million gas.

Tags: Ethereum Classic, Contract, ,

  • O peor an, qu sucedera si alguna persona malintencionada detecta que nuestro Smart Contract posee vulnerabilidades y las aprovecha transfirindose Ethers o aduendose de nuestro contrato?
  • Tipos de datos – – El siguiente contracto inteligente llamado test_uint nos permite analizar qu sucede por ejemplo con los tipos de datos y las implicancias en cuanto al manejo y las comprobaciones de los valores.
  • Se produce el mismo caso cuando el valor de la variable mximo lo aumentamos en 1, la variable pasa a tener el valor 0.
  • Desde el punto de vista tcnico, ms detalladamente, – Consensys ha desarrollado diferentes recomendaciones con los conocimientos mnimos que debera tener un programador de Solidity: – – – – Llamadas externas: utilizarlas con mucha precaucin – Marcar los contratos no confiables: cuando interactuamos con contratos externos hay que tener especial…
  • Podra tener impactos graves, por ejemplo, en la transferencia de Ethers – Bucles y lmites de gas: siempre que utilicemos bucles tenemos que poner lmites a los mismos para que no consuma todo el gas – Aplicar controles en el envo y recepcin de Ethers – – – – -…

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