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Solidity News Thursday, March 15 New byzantium tests, Byzantium hard fork, Smart contracts & more…

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  • Roundup #6
    • new Byzantium tests, Byzantium hard fork, light client, full-time new developer, new features
  • Researchers Find 34,200 Vulnerable Ethereum Smart Contracts
    • A scan of nearly one million Ethereum smart contracts has identified 34,200 vulnerable contracts that can be exploited to steal Ether, and even freeze or delete assets in contracts the attackers don’t own.
    • smart contracts, Ethereum smart contracts, , ,
  • ethereum/wiki
    • GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
    • var, var version, var balance, new contract var, var filter
  • A new variation of fast sync that does not download the entire state-trie node-by-node, but rather only pulls trie leaf nodes (along with supporting Merkle proofs), and assembles the final trie locally, which should have a huge impact on the number of network packets required to do the initial sync….
  • Version 2 of the light client protocol, based on the new bloombits filtering mechanism, which will finally allow light clients to retrieve and subscribe to EVM events.
  • After Byzantium, a call to a view function will use the new STATICCALL opcode and thus enforce the view aspect of the function at VM level.
  • The hive-testing framework has been updated to test four clients (geth, cpp, py, parity) with the new Byzantium tests.
  • The swarm team merged important new updates and additions into master including the network testing and simulations framework for p2p with a 3D visualiser, improved scheduling for breaking up and reassembling data the pyramid chunker with the new Binary Merkle Tree chunk hash, which brings compact inclusion proofs verifiable on…

Tags: new Byzantium tests, Byzantium hard fork, light client, full-time new developer, new features

  • A scan of nearly one million Ethereum smart contracts has identified 34,200 vulnerable contracts that can be exploited to steal Ether, and even freeze or delete assets in contracts the attackers don’t own.
  • In 2016, they created a tool named Oyente that could scan Ethereum smart contracts for bugs.
  • Parity incident triggers new research, new scan tool – However, the research team turned its attention back to scanning vulnerable Ethereum smart contracts last fall when, yet again, someone exploited a smart contract bug to mess with users’ Ether funds.
  • The five-person team used Maian to analyze a whopping 970,898 smart contracts, with the following results, listed in the table below: – – – – Prodigal contracts – smart contracts that when attacked send funds for safe keeping to the wrong Ethereum address (attacker’s or not).
  • Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a tool for scanning Ethereum smart contracts, there is also Mythril, unrelated to the NUS team’s work with Maian and Oyente.

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  • – a isSyncing object with the following methods: – – This property is read only and returns the coinbase address where the mining rewards go to.
  • – A transaction receipt object, or when no receipt was found: – – Get the numbers of transactions sent from this address.
  • – A filter object with the following methods: – – Creates a contract object for a solidity contract, which can be used to initiate contracts on an address.
  • The hash of the transaction, which deploys the contract check address on the second call (contract deployed) } { .
  • – If its a call the result data, if its a send transaction a created contract address, or the transaction hash, see web3.eth.sendTransaction for details.

Tags: var, var version, var balance, new contract var, var filter

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