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  • What properties must an enterprise smart contract languagehave?When it comes to DLT contract languages you must choose, but choosewiselyIn our previous article Distributed ledgers need more than traditional application design patterns, Shaul pointed out that most DLT vendors deliberately choose to pair their ledgers with programming languages that are general-purpose…
  • The pairing of the radically new DLT pattern for executing workflows with languages designed for more traditional development patterns has, on public blockchains, led to multiple examples of lost and stolen funds due to bugs in smart contracts.
  • Blythe Masters, Digital AssetCEOConsider the public Ethereum network, where two of the most widely-known attacks exploited shortcomings in Solidity, Ethereums primary smart contract language.
  • There is, of course, always risk involved when adopting new technology; however, the use of DLT cannot be extended to financial markets if the contract language itself introduces significant new sources of risk.
  • At Digital Asset, our engineering team has spent years studying contract execution, and defined a number of critical contract properties that a smart contract language must enable for it to be acceptable for automating financial workflows.

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  • ** This is a supporting training material for the Certified Solidity Developer CSDby Blockchain Council.
  • Do you know smart contracts are written in Solidity Programming Language?
  • Solidity is a programming language for writing smart contracts which run on Ethereum Virtual Machine on Blockchain.
  • In this course, wewill teach you everything related to Solidity to build Smart Contracts based Blockchain application on Ethereum.
  • Youwill learn: – – This course will enable you to build any kind of Blockchain application on Ethereum using Solidity which is the most common language for writing Ethereum Blockchain.

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  • This Course Covers Everything You Need To Know To Get Started!
  • You will be walked through every step via Screen Recording and given all the necessary information to have a better understanding of Smart Contracts.
  • This Course Is Packed With Information!
  • Start learning today and get started with Solidity and coding Ethereum Smart Contracts in Blockchain!
  • Lifetime Access to The Course

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  • We are blockchain consulting startup helping individuals and small business evaluate blockchain technology for their use cases.
  • For someone who has just heard of blockchains as a pathbreaking technological concept, we provide the ability to understand its relevance, see its alignment with their own business model, and also enable them to try out using blockchain platform to test their own ideas that can be supported by blockchains,…
  • Anyone who wants to understand blockchains technology Anyone who wants to code smart contracts Anyone who wants to code smart contract clients on nodejs and browser

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Top Solidity Courses

Getting Started with Ethereum Solidity Development (6,530 students enrolled)

By Sebastien Arbogast
  • Understand the basic philosophy behind the blockchain and distributed/decentralized applications
  • The basics of how a blockchain generally works, just enough to be able to use it as a development platform
  • Develop a distributed application, from creating a blank project to deploying it in production all the way through writing smart contracts, unit testing them, and creating a user interface for them
  • How to combine the right tools to put together a consistent development environment
  • The fundamentals of the Solidity smart contract language
  • How to use the Truffle build and testing framework
  • How to deploy a decentralized app to various Ethereum instances (testrpc, private chain, test chain, main net)

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Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity (10,937 students enrolled)

By Ravinder Deol
  • Be Proficient In Solidity Programming By Building Projects In This Course.
  • Understand Blockchain Technology At A Theoretical And Practical Level.
  • Be Aware On A Practical Level Of How Smart Contracts Operate.
  • Be Able To Work With The Ethereum’s Major Core Development Tools.
  • Understand The Core Development Functions Of Ethereum.
  • Understand What Decentralisation Is As We’re Working With This Technology.
  • Be Able To Explain The Structure Of A Solidity Clearly Through Practical Examples.
  • Understand How To Use Web3 In Conjunction With The Project We’re Creating.
  • Be Proficient In Advanced Development With Truffle And Ethereum Studio.
  • Complete A Final Assignment Which Consists Of An Ethereum Blockchain Based Curriculum Vitae.

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Ethereum : Decentralized Application Design & Development (9,794 students enrolled)

By Rajeev Sakhuja
  • Leverage the Ethereum tools/software such as Wallet, Geth, MetaMask, Remix, TruffleV4, Ganache....
  • Create an ERC20 Compliant token to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • Setup Private Blockchain Network
  • Develop Smart contracts in Solidity using multiple tools such as Web3/Ganache/TruffleV4/Mocha framework
  • Comfortably describe how Ethereum Blockchain works | Ethers, Gas, POW, POS, Nodes ...
  • Describe how the Blockchain technologies work | Distributed Ledgers, Consensus, Mining ....
  • Develop UI/front end for Decentralized Application in HTML/CSS/Javascript using web3 libraries
  • Develop end to end Decentralized Applications (DAPP) on Ethereum platform
  • Setup private Ethereum networks for development & experimentation
  • Identify and use the right design patterns for developing smart contracts
  • Architect, Design & Build real use cases on Ethereum platform

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The Complete Ethereum Course: Get .001 Ether In Your Wallet (4,273 students enrolled)

By Ravinder Deol
  • Understand how Ethereum, the emerging cryptocurrency works, and get involved with it practically as well as learning the theoretical side of the cryptocurrency.
  • Realise how becoming an early adopter of Ethereum gives you the best chance to capitalize on its rise, as many would have missed the meteoric rise of Bitcoin.
  • Undertake your first ever Ethereum transaction by receiving .001 Ether from me for completing this course, I will of course walk you through how to setup your wallet.

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Compile Your First Ethereum Smart Contract With Solidity (245 students enrolled)

By Will Bunker
  • Compile a basic smart contract
  • Set a private blockchain for testing
  • Deploy smart contract to blockchain
  • Call the functions on smart contract.

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Learn Solidity: Programming Language for Smart Contracts (3,153 students enrolled)

By Toshendra Sharma
  • Develop Ethereum Smart Contracts using Solidity
  • Understand the basics & advance features of Solidity & Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Develop their own decentralized blockchain applications

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