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Solidity News Wednesday, April 4 Solidity opcodes, Ethereum virtual machine, Decision makers & more…

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  • Solidity Bytecode and Opcode Basics – Bernard Peh –
    • As we go deeper into writing smart contracts, we will come across terminologies like “PUSH1”, “SSTORE”, “CALLVALUE” …etc. What are they and should we even care about them? To know these commands, we…
    • solidity opcodes, Ethereum Virtual Machine, EVM, smart contracts, Solidity Assembly Language
  • 日本のIT人材も海外並みの高給に?年収1億円も登場
    • 米国や中国など世界で人工知能(AI)の人材獲得競争が加速する中、日本のIT人材の給与水準が海外勢に一歩近づく動きが出てきた。
    • decision makers, dynamic network, financial information, ,
  • ワイ三十路ニート、人生終わった事を悟る
    • 1:風吹けば名無し 2018/04/01(日) 20:20:28.24 彼女なし金なし ちゃんとした彼女もできた事なし 2番手ばかり ホンマの恋愛を全く知らない 汚らわしい恋愛だけ わいの人生は何もかもが汚れてる 人を恨んで孤独に死ぬしかない人生
  • Solidity Bytecode and OpcodeBasicsAs we go deeper into writing smart contracts, we will come across terminologies like PUSH1, SSTORE, CALLVALUE…etc.
  • We also see the operation code (aka opcode): – PUSH1 0x60 PUSH1 0x40 MSTORE PUSH1 0x18 PUSH1 0x0 SSTORE CALLVALUE ISZERO PUSH1 0x13 JUMPI PUSH1 0x0 DUP1 REVERT JUMPDEST JUMPDEST PUSH1 0x36 DUP1 PUSH1 0x21 PUSH1 0x0 CODECOPY PUSH1 0x0 RETURN STOP PUSH1 0x60 PUSH1 0x40 MSTORE JUMPDEST PUSH1 0x0…
  • Pyethereum github repo and the older Ethereum yellow paper have some good reference for all the solidity opcodes and their hexadecimal values.
  • PUSH1 0x60 PUSH1 0x40 MSTORELooking at our favourite pyethereum opcode chart again, we see that MSTORE (0x52) takes in 2 inputs and produces no output.
  • The opcodes above mean: – PUSH1 (0x60): put 0x60 in the stack.PUSH1 (0x40): put 0x40 in the stack.MSTORE (0x52): allocate 0x60 of memory space and move to the 0x40 position.The resulting bytecode is: – 6060604052In fact, we always see this magic number 6060604052 in the beginning of any solidity bytecode…

Tags: solidity opcodes, Ethereum Virtual Machine, EVM, smart contracts, Solidity Assembly Language

    Tags: decision makers, dynamic network, financial information, ,

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