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TypeScript News Tuesday, May 8 Angular v2+, Web editor plunker, & more…

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  • This course supports Angular version 5 if you are looking forAngularJS v1.x then please check theother course inthe top menu.
  • After taking this course, you are going tobe able to: – – This courses teaches you Angular v2+ from scratch, you dont need toknow AngularJS 1.
  • Thefirst chapter inthe course is aquickstart where you dive straight into writing your first Angular application.
  • You are going tolearn all about: – – Theideal student forthis course is anexisting web developer, with some JavaScript knowledge that wants toadd Angular totheir skill set.
  • Orperhaps you are anexisting Angular 1 developer who wants tolevel up toAngular.

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  • What this means is our class will house a reference to services, other providers, managers, etc used through our query lifecycle.
  • To do so we will hook into the context callback option available in most GraphQL providers.
  • This will make the and any bound dependencies available to your resolvers with their lifecycle scoped to the lifecycle of the GraphQL query.
  • Since the express (or similar framework) object is available to the context callback we can also use this provider to manage tasks such as authorization, localization, etc.
  • I will have some posts in the future combining the Context Provider and Token Provider patterns to provide powerful authorization capabilities to your GraphQL service.

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