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Vue News Friday, March 9 Api url, Eye tracking app, Component & more…

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  • The Challenge – The challenge is basically to build a movie trailer player with image thumbnails for a playlist and a section to display selected video.
  • The goal is to diplay a list of movies with their thumbnails and play a trailer once it’s movie thumbnail is clicked.
  • An API containing movie titles, poster image URL and trailer URL is provided in the base codepen.
  • Goals of this Challenge – – Connect to an external API – Display data from that API – Update the video player based on HTML events – – Bonus – Just to have more fun, you can display the name and year of release of each movie as a text…
  • Resources – Check out the base code for this challenge including an API containing movie titles and basic information on the movies.

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  • Use creation hooks if you need to set things up in your component both during client rendering and server rendering.
  • In the mounted hook, you will have full access to the reactive component, templates, and rendered DOM (via.
  • Updating hooks are called whenever a reactive property used by your component changes, or something else causes it to re-render.
  • The beforeUpdate hook runs after data changes on your component and the update cycle begins, right before the DOM is patched and re-rendered.
  • The updated hook runs after data changes on your component and the DOM re-renders.

Tags: component, DOM, server-side rendering, hooks, hook runs

  • Though Vue is extremely flexible and simple, it is very powerful and offers two-way data binding feature, just like Angular and Virtual DOM feature like React.
  • Collate and Remote Pad GUI are examples of apps made with Vue.js – – Being a cross-platform, highly progressive framework, Vue becomes the first choice for many developers who need to develop single page applications.
  • Though a few of the syntaxes of Vue and Angular are similar, like API and design (this is because Vue was actually inspired from Angular.js in its early stages of development), Vue has endeavored to improve itself in areas where developers find it difficult with Angular.js.
  • Angular.js is opinionated, it actually gives strong opinions on how your app should be structured, Vue is gentler, and offers a modular, flexible solution for creating apps.
  • Vue allows for simpler programming model, while Angular.js manipulates DOM in a cross-browser compatible way.

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Vue JS 2: From Beginner to Professional (includes Vuex) (1,798 students enrolled)

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  • Communicating with servers with HTTP
  • Use modern tools for developing and building applications (e.g. webpack)

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  • Leverage Vue.js in both Multi- and Single-Page-Applications (MPAs and SPAs)

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The Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course (3,882 students enrolled)

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  • Build three real world applications using Vue.js utilising every Vue feature
  • Use the Vuex statement management library
  • Write basic Vue with ES5 and also modern Vue with ES6
  • Setup VueJS environment with development tools including Webpack
  • Create a universal application with server-side rendering
  • Use popular plugins from the Vue ecosystem like vue-router and vue-resource
  • Cutting-edge features like Single File Components, Render functions and Server-Side Rendering

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Vue JS 2.0 - Mastering Web Apps (52,495 students enrolled)

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