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Vue News Saturday, March 17 Progressive web app, Firebase console, Convincing reason & more…

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  • In the part 2, we use Firebase as a database but Firebase also offers a free storage service!
  • Go to the firebase interface storage tab rules and update the rules to make the storage public.
  • This manipulation is only good for prototyping, to secure the storage, use the firebase auth.You remenber the firebase service?
  • We will add an new line to this service to export the storage service from firebaseWe can now import this service in our components to access to our firebase storage.Ok lets try to upload a picture, you should see your picture in your firebase console.Add the picture to thelistAfter the…
  • We learned:how to use MediaStream to access to the native camera;how to store picture in Firebase with VueFire;Lets have a look to our Progressive Web App checklist:One of our last requirements is not yet met.

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  • Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.
  • Already on GitHub?
  • Sign in to your account

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  • In this intro we will progressively build up a simple app that pings a mock API to see how MobX works with React, and then make a MobX + React Kanban board to show off the power of MobX!
  • Here is our very basic app using React + MobX: – – You can see here that connects the observable property of so that it rerenders whenever you update .
  • We’ve come this far without discussing core MobX concepts, so here they are: – – In our examples above we’ve already used observable states as well as defined actions that modify those states, and we have used ‘s to help bind our React components to react to changes in state….
  • That is a fair criticism in this small example, but imagine if you rely on the same computed values in multiple places in your app.
  • Redux dev tools are (rightfully) an important part of Redux’s value, so let’s check out MobX React dev tools!

Tags: mobx, MobX React Best, React Kanban board, observable state updates, MobX React dev

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