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Vue News Saturday, March 24 Timer, Timer numbers, Ui & more…

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  • — THE TIMER NUMBERS — – div id=timer – span id=minutes25/span – span id=middle:/span – span id=seconds00/span – /div – Next, we include the buttons for control with: – – !
  • The Methods – We configure the timer controls in the methods object with: – – startTimer: function() { – this.timer = setInterval(() = this.countdown(), 1000); – this.resetButton = true; – }, – stopTimer: function() { – clearInterval(this.timer); – this.timer = null; – this.resetButton = true; – }, – resetTimer: function()…
  • — Pause Timer — – button – id=stop – class=button is-dark is-large – v-if=timer – @click=stopTimer – i class=far fa-pause-circle/i – /button – !
  • — Restart Timer — – button – id=reset – class=button is-dark is-large – v-if=resetButton – @click=resetTimer – i class=fas fa-undo/i – /button – /div – The conditional v-if directive renders the button element if its assigned value resolves to either true or false depending on which is chosen.
  • Just to stress more on setting DOM values with Vue, in the methods property we have: – – startTimer: function() { – this.timer = setInterval(() = this.countdown(), 1000); – this.resetButton = true; – this.title = Greatness is within sight!! – }

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  • Best Vue.js UI Component Frameworks And Libraries part2A while ago I released part one of the complete list for best Vue.js UI component libraries and frameworks including Quasar, Vuetify, Vue Material, Keen UI, Element UI, Buefy, Bootstrap-vue, AT UI, Fish UI, Muse UI and Vux.
  • A Semantic-UI Vue.js comment-list componentAt over 10k stars this popular library provides a toolkit of JS and CSS components and mobile UI elements for Vue.js apps (including support for Vue 2.0).
  • Cube UI Vue.js Button componentsA flexible and UI components library for web application based on Vue (2.0) and Bulma.
  • Vueblu progress bar componentAt 1.5k stars is a Vue.js component library UI implementation of the popular ANT design guidelines for enterprise-level user applications, which comes with a webpack-based debug build solution supporting ES6.
  • Building with componentsWhile these libraries (and the ones in part 1 of the list) can be a great solution for quickly building the UI of your next Vue.js app, you can also find individual components in the official awesome-vue project.

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  • This post will be fairly short, but highly valuable as I will be demonstrating how to connect the front-end and back-end applications using Asynchronous Javascript and XML (aka, AJAX).
  • There are two major technologies that enable this thick client application to juggle the maintenance of state (data), behavior, and data driven presentation.
  • AJAX is a network communication technology that uses HTTP to push and pull data to and from a server in an asynchronous manner within the browser.
  • To install axios I will use npm and save it to my the package.json file with the following command: – – Now, in order to use axios to make AJAX requests from the client to the back-end server I will need to make a change to the Flask application to…
  • In this short article I have demonstrated how to connect the front-end and back-end application via the powerful AJAX communication technology.

Tags: Flask application, Flask application object, AJAX, handy little Flask, back-end application

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