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Author: ADCI Solutions

  • I suggest trying Vue.js to enhance some Drupal user elements.For example, we want to show the “Create new account” button only if “Email” and “Username” fields are not empty.Vue.js componentsEveryone knows that a typical developer doesn’t reinvent a wheel, but use ready-made solutions.
  • The Vue.js community can offer a lot of awesome components.
  • Let’s try to use one of them.I believe that user input data should be validated as on the back-end as on the front-end side.
  • So you have to add“vee-validate is a lightweight plugin for Vue.js that allows you to validate input fields, and display errors.”
  • ©Also, please change input elements:As you can see, using Vue.js and its components to enhance existing elements is very easy.

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Author: Anthony Gore

  • This will work natively in browsers that have implemented dynamic module imports, but I’ll also include a fallback for older browsers.
  • For Vue.js, this means you can export a component definition from a file like this: – – And import it in your app like this: – – Making components JavaScript modules allows you to organize your app such that every “page” is in a different file.
  • If your components represent pages, it’d be better to fetch the module files on demand so that a user doesn’t have to download pages they don’t visit.
  • Otherwise, Webpack will bundle all the page component modules in one file and the benefits of lazy-loading will be forfeit.
  • It’s great if we can use the native implementations of JavaScript module imports as optimizations like lazy-loading can be done with a smaller file size and much simpler implementation.

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  • In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a simple but amazing blog using Vue, Vuex, Cosmic JS and deploy to Netlify.
  • First of all, replace package.json with this: – – Open the folder in Terminal and do After doing that, we need to setup Cosmic JS configuration in order to communicate with API.
  • As this blog application is static, so if you want to deploy it to Cosmic JS hosting you need to create a simple Node.js Express server.
  • Go to your bucket in Cosmic JS dashboard and click Settings->Deploy Web App.
  • This is a simple blog app built using vue, vuex, and Cosmic JS.

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    Author: Vue.Js Book

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      Top Vue Courses

      Vue JS 2: From Beginner to Professional (includes Vuex) (1,798 students enrolled)

      By Bo Andersen
      • How to build advanced Vue.js applications
      • How to build single page applications (SPA)
      • Understand the theory and how Vue works under the hood
      • How to manage state in large applications with Vuex
      • Communicating with servers with HTTP
      • Use modern tools for developing and building applications (e.g. webpack)

      Learn more.

      Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex) (38,295 students enrolled)

      By Maximilian Schwarzmüller
      • Build amazing Vue.js Applications - all the Way from Small and Simple Ones up to Large Enterprise-level Ones
      • Understand the Theory behind Vue.js and use it in Real Projects
      • Leverage Vue.js in both Multi- and Single-Page-Applications (MPAs and SPAs)

      Learn more.

      The Ultimate Vue JS 2 Developers Course (3,882 students enrolled)

      By Anthony Gore
      • Understand all Vue concepts from beginner to advanced
      • Build three real world applications using Vue.js utilising every Vue feature
      • Use the Vuex statement management library
      • Write basic Vue with ES5 and also modern Vue with ES6
      • Setup VueJS environment with development tools including Webpack
      • Create a universal application with server-side rendering
      • Use popular plugins from the Vue ecosystem like vue-router and vue-resource
      • Cutting-edge features like Single File Components, Render functions and Server-Side Rendering

      Learn more.

      Vue JS 2.0 - Mastering Web Apps (52,495 students enrolled)

      By David Katz
      • Build entire Vue JS, VueRouter, and Vuex applications from scratch.
      • Develop apps that deal with APIs and web requests.
      • Create web apps with a full authentication service, and real-time database.

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      Learn by Doing: Vue JS 2.0 the Right Way (1,437 students enrolled)

      By Dejan Stošić
      • Build your own VueJS application of any size
      • Plan and structure your project
      • Write maintainable code
      • Use smart development tools like vue-cli

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