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Vue News Sunday, March 11 Minimum viable product, Non-js languages, Visual studio code & more…

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  • NET Framework I was honestly amazed.
  • WebAssembly produced a great MVP but for WASM to really take off I would say that this issue is the most important.
  • This issue describes interoperability with existing ES modules and giving WASM access to the Web APIs everyone knows and loves.
  • With this, you could feasibly write a web app in any language*.
  • Should WASM stick to doing math, or should the web get its own Framework Class Library?

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  • This will launch VSCode in the current directory, VSCode is a folder-based editor, it does not require project files like some larger IDEs such as visual studio.
  • You should also have received a recommendation popup from VSCode prompting you to install the Vetur extension.
  • Vetur is an amazing extension for VSCode, it gives the following for your Vue single-file / Error CheckingFormattingAuto CompletionDebuggingSo click on install and the extensions tab will open and Vetur should install, once that is done there should be a blue reload button next to the Vetur icon, click this…
  • VSCode has a plethora of extensions for working with javascript, css and other web components, and it is extremely configurable.
  • Now, go back to your console and start up the server again: – npm run devThe vue-cli has configured hot module reloading as part of the web server install, this means that you can change your application in VSCode and these changes should be visible immediately in your browser.

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  • For our app, users need to be authorized and authenticated to get the report but streaming a file as a response of an AJAX request only works for Chrome, all the other browsers ignore the response and don’t pop up the save file dialog.
  • The problem is now evident: – – As usual, I googled js generate file from stream because I thought it was the easiest solution, just grab what I already have working for Chrome and do the extra mile to make it work for all the other browsers.
  • My problem was not to stream contents via AJAX and generate a file out of that content but actually allow clients to download a file (which happens to be created on the fly) without compromising the app security, i.e., without opening a resource to the whole internet.
  • This wasn’t working for browsers other than Chrome so I split the process, first create a report URL that will live for 30 seconds and serve the file on that new URL.
  • This method will be in charge of creating a short living URL using a signed JWT token that will expire in 30 seconds from now, I also encode the user id that’s requesting the resource.

Tags: on-the-fly generated file, client app, client app request, save file dialog, short living URL

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