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Vue News Sunday, March 18 Hidden text field, Svg spec, Render prop & more…

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  • Because SVG Spec doesn’t have z-index for now, I decided to split UI and Contents layer into two svg elements.
  • There is a hidden text field on selected cell.
  • SVG is very useful to implement complex GUI.
  • Especially, I like to handle SVG with computed.
  • Writing GUI with SVG is so fun!

Tags: hidden text field, SVG Spec, svg elements, UI layer, opacity changes

  • Compared with the React version: – Some differences between the two: – Vue has built in prop type validation.You cant inline an anonymous function that returns jsx inside a template.
  • js component as the parent to pass in an anonymous function, but alas, were Vue developers so we can mix our templates with our JSX and be happy about it!Were passing back this (the Vue instance) instead of the React state, but utilize destructuringall the same to pass back x…
  • If you were to do render props with templates, a similar design would be to use scoped slots and would look something like this: – Vue Scoped slots are powerful when using templates.
  • A default slot also gives users of the component a component api so that you dont have to guess what you might need to render.Uses destructuring similar to jsx render callbackParent content to be rendered with child data is inline with the templateYou will probably never be able to inline…
  • Further reading: – Source code: Vue documentation: article on using render props and what this articles title is referencing: helpful article on similarities in frameworks converging React + Vue + Angular: the latest Vue.js articles, tutorials and cool projects in your inbox with the Vue.js Developers Newsletter

Tags: render prop, render props, Vue Scoped slots, render prop pattern, Vue creator Evan

  • thumbnails{ – display: flex; – justify-content: left; – } – JavaScript – For the challenge, we were provided with an API containing a list of movies and data related to each of them.
  • const thumbnail = { – template: ` – div class=thumbnails – div v-for=movie in movies – div class=poster @click=changeCurrent(movie) – img :src=movie.poster height=200alt= – /div – /div – /div – `, – props: [movies], – methods: { – changeCurrent(movie) { – this.
  • $emit(‘choose-movie’, movie) – } – } – }; – The video-thumbnails component is an object containing a template, props declaration and a list of methods utilized in the compoenent.
  • var app = new Vue({ – el: #app, – components: { – video-frame: videoTag, – video-thumbnails: thumbnail – }, – data() { – return { – api: movies: [], – current: null – }; – }, – created() { – axios.get(this.api).
  • Putting these together, our HTML script becomes: – – div class=videos-container id=app – div class=video-player – video-frame :source=current/video-frame – /div – div class=video-choices – video-thumbnails :movies=movies /div – /div – Notice how we passed current as props to the video-frame component with the source attribute.

Tags: movie player, data, data function, simple movie player, fast-growing progressive JavaScript

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