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Vue News Sunday, May 13 Dropdown menu, Parent component, Super cool company & more…

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  • Before editing the render() method, we need a component state super(props) – this.state = { – listOpen: false, – headerTitle: this.props.title – } – }Here we have a listOpen boolean variable for toggling the menu list and a headerTitle, which is equal to title prop.
  • prevState.listOpen – })) – }render(){ – const{list} = this.props – const{listOpen, headerTitle} = this.state – return( – div className=dd-wrapper div className=dd-header onClick={() = this.toggleList()} – div {listOpen – ?
  • FontAwesome name=angle-up size=2x/ – : FontAwesome name=angle-down size=2x/ – } – /div {listOpen ul className=dd-list – { = ( – li className=dd-list-item key={} {item.title}/li – ))} – /ul} – /div – ) – }With a styling applied, we get the following results.
  • key = location//These two refers to the same state variable- this.state.location – – this.state[key]Likewise, the id tells which object to refer to in the location array variable.
  • Time to pass it as a prop: – Dropdown – title=Select location – list={this.state.location} – it inside the li tag: – li className=dd-list-item key={item.title} onClick={() = toggleItem(, item.key)}{item.title} {item.selected FontAwesome name=check/}/liAlso, notice that I have added an icon, depending on the value of item.selected, to indicate that the item is…

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  • Suppose you are working in a super cool company, your coworkers are great and your job is fulfilling, but your company doesn’t implement unit testing as it doesn’t see any benefit from a business point of view.
  • As the title asks, how would you convince your company unit tests are beneficial?
  • Would you try to convince from a technical point of view or a business point of view?
  • It would be great to read your comment!!

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  • Vue.js Top 10 Articles for the Past Month (v.May2018)For the past month, we ranked nearly 1,000 Vue.js articles to pick the Top 10 stories that can help advance your career (1% chance).
  • Tweet of the monthTopics in this list: Invoicing App, Nuxt.js, Transitions, CLI 3, Youtube Clone, Methods, Computed, Watchers, E-Commerce App, ParcelWatch Vue.js Monthly Top 10 on Github and get email once a month.As an article ranking service for professionals, we take quality very seriously and make sure each article you…
  • This is a competitive list and youll find the experience and techniques shared by the Vue.js leaders useful.
  • Course of the month: – A) Beginners: Vue JS 2The Complete Guide (incl.
  • [13,879 recommends, 4.8/5 stars] – B) Firebase: Build Web Apps with Vue JS 2 Firebase.

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  • Our team enjoys working closely with you, to help come up with appropriate content for your site.
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  • The plugin does not modify the source data array.
  • Every time permutation is performed you will get a new sorted array in event .
  • The same works for removing elements, you will get a new cleaned array in your `@remove event handler.
  • Currently there is no way to extend data array after event handling.
  • Import it in your project globally – – You can set the data your would like to be sorted as seen below: – – For available events & props please click here.

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  • Communicating with servers with HTTP
  • Use modern tools for developing and building applications (e.g. webpack)

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