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  • Testing Vue components with Laravel Dusk
    • Adding tests to a project is always beneficial for different reasons, but choosing the right strategy can be a struggle for many developers. The problem multiplies itself when you are using different tools or frameworks, and although “having as many tests as you can” sounds like a good idea, at…
    • task, public function, New task text, return Task, laravel dusk
  • Build a Reusable Pagination Component with Vue.js
    • Learn how to make a dynamic pagination component with a range of visible buttons by making use of data binding, event handlers and conditional rendering in Vue.js.
    • button type, page, current page, number, active page button
  • freedomotic/fd-vue-webapp
    • GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
    • Prepare webpack scaffolding, static Added vue-axios, Oct, config Updated address, LICENSE Added license
  • Lets build a simple to-do list using Vue.js and Laravel to illustrate how to add Browser testing using Laravel dusk.
  • Youll need to create the using artisan: – – And this is how it looks: – – At this point you should be able to run the test suite and get a positive response: – – We can use a single file component here.
  • We cant just use to test this component because the test relies on the browser and JavaScript to test asynchronous code.
  • Laravel Dusk provides an expressive, easy-to-use browser automation and testing API – – The first step should be, to install Larave dusk.
  • You can do this using artisan: – – Now add the logic to test the CRUD, simulating the interaction of a new user in the page: – – Remember that you are dealing with javascript elements and asynchronous request so that you can use methods like , , to pause…

Tags: task, public function, New task text, return Task, laravel dusk

  • A pagination component should allow the user to go to the first and last pages, move forward and backwards and change directly to a page in a close range.
  • We want to render a button to go to the first page, the previous one, range number of pages, next page and last one: – – [first] [next] [1] [2] [3] [previous] [last] – – Although we want to render a range of pages, we do not want to render…
  • We need to make sure the number is never bigger than the prop that sets the maximum number of visible buttons and also not bigger than the number of available pages.
  • In order to so we can bind an HTML class to our active page button using the object syntax.
  • Although each block inside a has access to the parent scope properties, well use a to check if the page is active in order to keep our template cleaner: – – Our pagination component is ready!

Tags: button type, page, current page, number, active page button

  • This repository contains the implementation of a front end client for Freedomotic.
  • The aim of this project is to reproduce all features already integrated in our Java frontend, that’s available here.
  • With a running freedomotic instance, you can try also this Polymer client by your browser to .
  • Clone or fork this repository, then follows the following set of commands: – – To build this project for production you can execute the following command: – – Also, if you need to build for production and view the bundle analyzer report, you can run: – – This application contains…
  • You can run them by executing, respectively, the following commands: – – Eventually, if you like, you can also run both unit and e2e tests with a single command: – – We have a free Automate account with BrowserStack offered to us for free since we’re an open source project….

Tags: Prepare webpack scaffolding, static Added vue-axios, Oct, config Updated address, LICENSE Added license

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