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Vue News Thursday, March 8 Netlify cms, San francisco startup, Vue component & more…

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  • Let your interest be your driver
    • From the DEV community. Sharing ideas that makes us all better developers.
    • Netlify CMS, San Francisco Startup, outbound email ecoystem, open source, source CMS project
  • Compile Markdown as Vue template on Nuxt.js – Haiiro –
    • For implementing data pipeline for the static website, I used to have Markdown files for content parts from long time ago. Probably starting with Jekyll, then Middleman, Harp and Nuxt.js right now…
    • Vue component, markdown, import Vue, Markdown files, Markdown data
  • Job Listings on CodePen
    • SD Journal Best, front-end genius, Genius team, remote applicants, web designer
  • We also wanted to establish a new mailing architecture that incorporates Hugo, Heml and Netlify CMS, three awesome open source projects, to create three layers of abstractions.
  • Hugo partials come in handy to allow different templates to share reusable code, e.g., email header and footer.
  • Last but not least, integrating with Netlify CMS helped abstract away the code and allow content editors to create new email content using the existing templates.
  • One specific example is taking on the challenge of working with Netlifys open source CMS project.
  • Enabling content editors to create and edit the email templates without touching a line of code, and preview the changes in real time, gives them so much more room to help tell users a great story.

Tags: Netlify CMS, San Francisco Startup, outbound email ecoystem, open source, source CMS project

  • This template section on Vue compoent was the base idea to render Markdown on Vue component: – template – div v-html=renderedMarkdown / – /templaterenderedMarkdown is given as HTML compiled from Markdown data from JS side.
  • The HTML on Markdown does not work as Vue will be just rendered as plain HTML – h1Title/h1 – h2Sub caption=Original Caption /As a matter of course, the content of v-html is not compiled as Vues component dynamically.
  • render(this.content); – } – } – /scriptno-ssr is required to compile the HTML dynamicallyCompiled markdown should be allowed having HTMLChild ComponentUse render function by Vue.compile – script lang=ts – import Vue from vue; – import VueWithCompiler from vue/dist/vue.
  • $options.staticRenderFns = []; – for (const staticRenderFunction of compiled.staticRenderFns) { – } – } – } – /scriptCompile is bundled in vue/dist/vue – Runtime + Compiler vs. Runtime-onlyRegister components which are called in Markdown such like OriginalComponentDont have template tag as SFCCompile passed a prop as Vues template (which should…
  • Dynamic part couldnt be pre-renderedShould care about SEO for visitor without JS execution – Markdown should be rendered as template of Vue component before running Vue basically?Probably, so.

Tags: Vue component, markdown, import Vue, Markdown files, Markdown data

  • CodePen doesn’t work very well without JavaScript.
  • We’re all for progressive enhancement, but CodePen is a bit unique in that it’s all about writing and showing front end code, including JavaScript.
  • It’s required to use most of the features of CodePen.

Tags: SD Journal Best, front-end genius, Genius team, remote applicants, web designer

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