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  • Vue.js is a great framework for developing different kinds of web applications, however, it has a problem with SEO: the asynchronous content of an application cant be optimally crawled by search engine bots, so it could be a huge problem for your business.
  • Practice: prerendering in a Vue.js applicationFor demonstration, I will use the application which was created in our previous article about a single page Vue application.
  • vue – Its enough to make the content of the application indexed and also available for users with a disabled JavaScript.
  • When you dont need prerenderingUsing the simple plugin prerender-spa-plugin on a build step you can easily improve search engine optimization and create the better user experience of your Vue application.
  • Anyway, if we did it, we would open users private information to everybody.Frequently changing content: if you work on something like a chat or some online trading application or real-time game where content must be always relevant, usage of prerendering might be ineffective as it displays an old content until…

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  • Today people consider Vue an equal choice as to Angular and React.
  • But for the first years it was like: why using Vue when there is React and Angular?
  • But Angular, React and Vue each have a group of users that are naturally attracted to the solution because it sits well with their mental model.
  • Vue was able to fill a market gap between React and Angular and thats why we were able to grow to where we are today.
  • You can look at the track records and see how we handled breaking change in the past: we dont want to break our users code- EvanYouTo be honest there are so many companies, and I think around 300.000 developers using Vue in the world today.

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  • A deep dive in the Vue.js source code (#33): initLifecycleIf you are just joining us, this is post 33 in a series examining the entire Vue.js source code line by line.
  • In the last post, I examined the _renderProxy property within the initProxy function.
  • For reference, here is how far we have come within the initMixin function: – Now, we can turn to the initLifecycle function: – The initLifecycle function is a fairly simple function that takes a Vue instance as a parameter and sets various lifecycle related properties on the Vue instance.
  • Over the next few posts, we will take a look at each lifecycle property one by one.

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  • In this article, well investigate the suitability of some of the most popular backend options for Vue apps: – – The de facto choice for a Vue.js backend is Express.js, a microframework for Node.js.
  • Since Laravel version 5.3, Vue is the default frontend JavaScript framework that ships in a Laravel installation.
  • With Laravel, you not only get a powerful object-oriented MVC framework with database, authentication, and API out of the box, you also get a delightful development experience thanks to elegant syntax, sensible default configuration and a community that produces a wealth of great documentation and tutorials.
  • This architecture, known as headless CMS, allows you to take advantage of a powerful CMS backend while still providing a modern user experience with a frontend framework like Vue.
  • What if I told you you didnt need a backend server at all for your Vue app?

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  • A common constraint in component-based frameworks like Vue.js is that each component has to have a single root element.
  • This means that everything in a particular component has to descend from a single element, like this: – – Try to build a component with a template like this: – – and you will get the dreaded error: Component template should contain exactly one root element.
  • Logically, they were a single component, but I couldn’t just wrap them in a wrapper because elements need to be direct descendants of a to work properly.
  • For simplicity, I wrote each of my paired elements as its own single-file component, and then simply wrapped them in a functional component that passed along props to both of them.
  • and are standard Vue single file components, each with a element as the root.

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  • Communicating with servers with HTTP
  • Use modern tools for developing and building applications (e.g. webpack)

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  • Write basic Vue with ES5 and also modern Vue with ES6
  • Setup VueJS environment with development tools including Webpack
  • Create a universal application with server-side rendering
  • Use popular plugins from the Vue ecosystem like vue-router and vue-resource
  • Cutting-edge features like Single File Components, Render functions and Server-Side Rendering

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Learn by Doing: Vue JS 2.0 the Right Way (1,437 students enrolled)

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