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  • That tutorial mostly focused on the set up of SSR in a Laravel environment and so I only had time to demonstrate a simple Hello World app with no significant features.
  • Now I want to build on that previous tutorial and demonstrate how to server render a Vue app that includes multiple pages with Vue Router, since most of your Laravel projects will have more than one page.
  • We then store the URL in a global JavaScript variable that will be accessible from the Vue server app when it runs in the sandbox.
  • The last major step is to modify the Vue server app so that we can programmatically set the URL rather than waiting for a user to do it.
  • Let’s create some router links in the page so we can test the app in a browser: – – Loading the home page look like this: – – The real test is visiting a route in the navigation bar so the server routes handle the request and hopefully SSR the…

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  • js and – – import Vue from ‘vue’ – import Router from ‘vue-router’ – import CustomersHome from CustomerPage from default new Router({ – mode: ‘history’, – routes: [ – { – path: ‘/customers/’, – name: ‘customers-home’, – component: CustomersHome – }, – { – path: ‘/customers/:slug’, – name: ‘customer-page’, -…
  • vue we do: – – script – // import ButterCMS from – import { butter } from ‘@/buttercms’ – export default { – name: ‘customers-home’, – data() { – return { – page_title: ‘Customers’, – // Create array to hold the pages from ButterCMS API – pages: [] – }…
  • then((res) = { – // console.log( // Check the results in the console – this.pages = – }) – } – }, – created() { – // Fire on page creation – this.getPages() – } – } – /script – Display the results: – – template – div id=customers-home…
  • vue we define a getPage() method to get a particular customer page based on its slug: – – script – import { butter } from ‘@/buttercms’ – export default { – name: ‘customer-page’, – data() { – return { – slug: this.
  • vue: – – script – import { butter } from ‘@/buttercms’ – export default { – name: ‘blog-home’, – data() { – return { – page_title: ‘Blog’, – posts: [] – } – }, – methods: { – getPosts() { –{ – page: 1, – page_size: 10 – })….

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  • Write basic Vue with ES5 and also modern Vue with ES6
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  • Create a universal application with server-side rendering
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