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Vue News Tuesday, March 6 Content fields, Case studies, User interface components & more…

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  • Building a Serverless CMS Powered by Vue.js
    • In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a serverless Vue.js application using ButterCMS. ButterCMS is a headless CMS and blogging platform that lets you build CMS-powered apps using any programming language, including Vue.
    • content fields, case studies, , ,
  • Getting Started with NativeScript-Vue 1.0
    • How to use NativeScript-Vue to build iOS and Android apps using Vue.js.
    • user interface components, NativeScript-Vue, native iOS, NativeScript, Android
  • RobinCK/vue-ls
    • GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 79 million projects.
    • Vue storage API, //watch change foo, ) //unwatch, Vue plugin, Vue context
  • Specifically, well examine code samples for three content types we might find on a marketing website: customer case studies, frequently asked questions, and blog posts.
  • Using the dashboard on ButterCMS, you can create a page type entitled Customer Case Study and define the content fields.
  • To do so, in we define a method to get a particular customer page based on its slug: – – And, just like you did for the case studies homepage, you need to display the content by defining a template and calling the content fields you want to show: -…
  • First, set up a route to your page: – – Then create with a call to get the content from the API: – – Notice that we predefined as and then updated it with the API call to the content fields.
  • To create your blog homepage that displays the most recently published posts, youll create a Vue component for the blog home in a new file: – – If you have been following along with the previous examples, then you may start to see a pattern here and know that you…

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  • Last week, the NativeScript-Vue team announced a 1.0 release of NativeScript-Vue – – As its name implies, NativeScript-Vue is a project that integrates Vue.js into NativeScript, allowing you to build completely native iOS and Android apps using Vue.js.
  • This app might seem simple, and it kind of is, but theres one not-especially-obvious thing going on here: the user interface components you see on the screen are not DOM elementstheyre completely native Android and iOS controls.
  • Because NativeScript uses native iOS and Android user interface components, there is no NativeScript equivalent of HTML elements like s or s. Instead, you need to learn a new set of user interface components for building your views.
  • Once you learn the NativeScript user inteface components, figure out how NativeScript layouts work, and get the NativeScript CLI down, youre well on your way to building your next mobile app with NativeScript-Vue.
  • The single best way to get started with NativeScript-Vue is in NativeScript Playground, as it lets you get started without having to set up an iOS and Android development environment locally.

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  • Vue plugin for work with local storage, session storage and memory storage from Vue context – – Recommended:, which will reflect the latest version as soon as it is published to npm.
  • Returns value under in storage.
  • Some browsers don’t support the storage event, and most of the browsers that do support it will only call it when the storage is changed by a different window.
  • Click the links in one window and you will probably see the event in the other.
  • The assumption is that your page will already know all interactions with localStorage in its own window and only needs notification when a different window changes things.

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  • Communicating with servers with HTTP
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